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God bless the people of Iraq


Watching on TV the Iraqi citizens dancing and laughing in the streets after they cast their vote, shows how we take our freedoms for granted. What a moving moment for so many people around the world to see men and women (in spite of threats to their personal lives) get out and vote in spite of the doomsayers in our country who wanted the elections put off for another six months or more.

I was almost brought to tears as I rejoiced with them. To see so many women being able to vote along with the men must be inspiring for other countries in the Middle East.

Future elections in our country should be modeled after what just transpired in a country where for the first time in 5,000 years, citizens were given a chance to cast a personal vote of their own choosing. God bless the people of Iraq, as well as all our troops, who did what they could to make sure they were as safe as possible as they cast that vote.

I predict we will bring some of our troops home in less than a month. Viva la Bush, in spite of Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Larry Bird, Kerry and the others who can't get over the election of 2004, who are even now regretting things went as well as they did.

Paul Lidbeck


Disagreement is fine; it’s how we disagree


I am writing to comment on Mr. Paul Lidbeck's remarks in the Jan. 16 edition of The Independent.

I am pleased to learn that he is a happy person with a fine sense of humor and that he enjoys life.

In his letter, he spoke of the "tone" of my remarks. As I review the last several letters that appeared in The Independent, signed by Mr. Lidbeck, I offer these examples of the "tone" of his remarks.

Some examples of this are: uneducated sore losers; you show your ignorance; not only galls me, but, others who have an open mind; these poor souls, cigarettes dangling from their lips; assume you are one of the digruntled who are sure, election was stolen; just have to get over it.

I am not uneducated nor am I ignorant. I do have an open mind. I vote for the candidate and not the party. I have voted for Republicans and Democrats, trying to decide the person that is best for our country at the time. I do not smoke. I am not contesting the elections and I do not have to get over anything that still troubles me.

The main issue is that I disagree with much of what you say and the way you say it in your letters. It's fine to have concern for our country and express your opinions regarding issues, but you do not need to insult people and assume you know what they believe while doing that.

Nancy Jontow


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