Fri, Jan. 24

New Cottonwood police chief starts Monday

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Douglas Bartosh

Bartosh said he has nothing but respect for Spence and the department he's joining.

"I see it as a benefit for me to have Chief Spence," Bartosh said.

Bartosh began his career in southern California at the Oxnard Police Department. After that, he went back to school, got a degree and then began working for the police department at the University of California in Irvine. He reached Lieutenant status there.

Bartosh says he's always liked working at the smaller departments. They were working in community based policing before it became a catchphrase, he said.

Arizona State University's police department was next in Bartosh's career. He eventually became the chief of police in that department and was in the position for seven years.

It was a challenging population to work with, Bartosh said, but very rewarding.

"I really enjoyed it," he said.

Bartosh worked next for the Scottsdale Police Department. He was there for a total of 11 years. Starting as a deputy chief, Bartosh was eventually promoted to police chief in 1998.

"I left," Bartosh said. "Not necessarily because I wanted to."

He said the matter is under litigation and that he couldn't comment.

For the past two years Bartosh has been doing consultation work for police and public safety agencies.

Bartosh said he would be a working chief. He'll get in the patrol cars with his officers and lead by example, he said.

"To me that's the best part of the job," he said.

Maintaining a value-driven organization is also important to Bartosh.

"We'll treat people with dignity," he said.

Right now, Bartosh is looking toward the future and keeping up with the city's growth. One of the first things he plans on doing as chief is to complete an analysis on staffing levels. Bartosh's philosophy is to look at the number of calls for service, allow a percentage of time for community-based policing and administrative duties. Those numbers dictate the staffing levels he likes to have.

Bartosh also hopes to start working with officers and members of the public to get a handle on the issues facing the Cottonwood police and the community.

"In terms of making this an even better police department than it is today," Bartosh said.

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