Sun, Jan. 19

Police earns their stripes

VVN/Angela De Welles

The new sergeants' badges were pinned on by their wives Friday. From left Jody Makuch, Joanna Makuch, Dave Ross and Denise Ross.

On Friday afternoon a recognition ceremony took place as Bartosh welcomed a new chaplain to the department and promoted both Officer Jody Makuch and Detective Dave Ross to sergeant.

Mary Kay Myers was introduced to the public and fellow officers. She will serve as the Cottonwood Police Department's chaplain. The department lost their former chaplain, Bill Hutchinson to a tragic auto accident in December.

Bartosh explained the importance of the position.

"It gives the officers someone to go to," Bartosh said. "Certainly in this profession there are times you need someone to talk to."

Before initiating the new sergeants, the police chief read a list of expectations. He told them to use the highest ethical standards to guide their decisions.

"I know that these two gentlemen will live up to those expectations," Bartosh said.

Makuch served in the military and was a corrections officer before becoming a police officer. He joined the Cottonwood department in 2000.

"Jody has a love for teaching and instruction," Bartosh said. "He's a model for other officers to follow."

The new police chief also had kind words for Ross.

"Dave is going to make an excellent sergeant," Bartosh said.

Ross has served as a detective for the Cottonwood Police Department. He also worked for the Department of Public Safety for eight years before coming to Cottonwood.

Bartosh said the idea of holding a promotion ceremony took many in the department by surprise. Traditionally, the department hasn't held such observances.

"What I wanted to share with them is that this is a great opportunity to recognize our accomplishments," Bartosh said.

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