Sat, July 20

Norman big winner in council election
Home Rule passes easily

The 487 Cottonwood residents that decided to vote made their choice clear in Tuesday's election.

Council candidate Linda Norman got an overwhelming 419 votes. Opponent Mike Baker received only 56.

Norman will take her oath on May 25 along with new council member Ing Kiland and incumbent Karen Pfeifer, who were both elected in the March primary election.

The newly elected Norman said she was surprised with the number of voters. She had thought there would actually be a lower turnout.

Norman has been a resident of Cottonwood for the past 20 years. During that time she has worked for Mingus Union High School and the Yavapai County Supervisor's office. She also has helped her family establish a business in the Verde Valley.

She recently retired and wanted to give back to her community.

Her first week on the job will consist of budget meetings. Norman says she's excited.

"I'm looking forward to just working with the rest of the council members," Norman said.

Besides voting Norman into office, voters also approved the home rule option. It will allow the city council the authority to set the budget's expenditure limit. The option passed with 368 votes.

If the home rule option had not passed, there would have been a $5 million shortfall in expenditure authority for the city. Cottonwood would have received the money in revenues, but wouldn't have been able to spend it.

Since the alternative home rule option was passed, as it was in 1985, 1989, 1993, 1997 and 2001, the council will set the spending cap for the city based on revenues.