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Bicyclist killed in Verde Village crash

An adult bicyclist was killed on Highway 260 in Verde Village Thursday night. The cyclist was reportedly struck from behind by 1999 Subaru operated by a Camp Verde woman.

The victim was a man from Cottonwood in his 30s. He was flown by Angel Three medical helicopter to Flagstaff Medical Center but later died of his injuries.

The woman, Michelle Stone, 36, was badly shaken by the accident, according to officials from Verde Valley Fire District, but refused treatment. Her vehicle suffered serious damage.

The accident occurred in the southbound lane of the state highway between the intersections of Godard Road and Del Rio.

The Department of Public Safety had identified the victim but had not found next of kin by the publishing deadline.

Saturation patrol nets three

Three drivers were under the influence and arrested as part of a joint saturation patrol Thursday night, according to police reports. Cottonwood and Clarkdale police charged two men with DUI drugs and a third for DUI alcohol.

Timothy Robert Westcott, 42, was arrested just after midnight Friday morning allegedly with 19 grams of marijuana and 14.5 grams of methamphetamine. When asked if the meth was for his personal use, he said, "it would last me a half a year," according to the report. The officer said Westcott's speech was so rapid that his speech was difficult to understand and his urine was positive for amphetamines.

Westcott was charged with seven offenses including possession of dangerous drugs for sale, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, tampering with evidence, and DUI drugs.

Christopher Richard Severson, 19, of Camp Verde was cited for DUI drugs Thursday night when his vehicle was spotted without taillights driving across a dirt field and weaving on Apache Street.

He allegedly told the officer he had used marijuana earlier that day but a urine test found both THC and amphetamines in his system.

James R. Eskew, 42, of Cottonwood was pulled over on Highway 89A near Rocking Chair Road. His Dodge pickup had a broken taillight.

Intoxilyzer tests allegedly determined that Eskew's blood alcohol was above the legal limit and he was charged with two counts of DUI.

Too drunk and steals bike

A 25-year old Cottonwood man was arrested early Friday morning after officers patrolling on foot in Old Town Cottonwood had watched him walk to a house and ride away on a child's bicycle, according to a police report.

Police say Justin Patrick Reid freely admitted stealing the bicycle. He told officers he was not driving because he knew he would be drinking with friends, but no one would give him a ride home. He said he thought taking the bicycle would be a faster way to get home.

Reid was charged with burglary and theft. The bicycle was returned to its owner.

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