Thu, June 27

Crimes/Courts/Emergency Services

Serious Jerome accident

A one-vehicle motorcycle accident near the Gulch in Jerome Saturday evening sent two bikers to Flagstaff Medical Center in critical condition and closed down the highway for an hour. Neither the male nor female victim was wearing a helmet. It is believed that alcohol played a role in the crash. Terry Molloy, of the Fire Department, says the accident occurred at the same location where a motorcyclist was killed two years ago.

Vandalism to home

A homeowner on West Finnie Flats Road called the Camp Verde Marshal's Office last Wednesday night after discovering his house had been vandalized. A black cross with 12 dots was painted on the back of the house. He told the investigating officer that he has been trying to start a neighborhood block watch program, but some area residents don't like the idea.

Puppy saves residents

A small puppy woke two young women Friday morning, perhaps saving them from a fire burning in their house. Cottonwood Fire Marshal Barbara Rice says the smoke detector in the small rental home did not work. The fire, which was reported when the women escaped the home about 3 a.m., burned the living room and contents, but the home suffered heat and smoke damage throughout. The roommates, 18 and 20 years old, had used the freestanding gas radiant heater for the first time overnight Rice believes the fire may have ignited from an electrical problem or combustibles too close to the heater.

No hazard at Sedona Post Office

Sedona Fire District's hazardous material crew was summoned to the Sedona Post Office early Thursday morning when a white powdery material was discovered surrounding a package. Since packages are shipped in bins, only a single bin was affected. The material was found to have a sand-like quality. When the shipper was contacted, it was confirmed that the product had a sandy character but was not hazardous. Access to the post office was restricted for one and a half hours while crews worked. Fire spokesman Gary Johnson says it's a reminder that during the holidays, goods should be double wrapped to prevent problems.

Christmas contraband

A major drug bust took place just north of the Middle Verde Road interchange on Interstate 17 Saturday. A Camp Verde deputy and his K-9 "Jake" were asked to check a new Mercury with Illinois plates. The drug-dog alerted on the trunk giving the DPS officer probable cause to search. The officers found numerous packages wrapped with Christmas paper. The colorful paper actually concealed 87 pounds of marijuana, according to the report, and the occupants were arrested.

Burglary suspect arrested

A 19-year-old Camp Verde woman has been arrested after a resident on South Hilltop reported a burglary. She identified Amyre Carbajal as a possible suspect. Carbajal gave the officer permission to search her vehicle for a rifle. No gun was found, but a DVD/VCR was moved in the hatchback area in order to search. At that time the officer searching the car was advised of a second burglary and a DVD/VCR was missing. Carbajal was arrested when the officer allegedly found a glass pipe with a crystalline substance that proved to be methamphetamine. She was booked for possession of stolen property and various drug charges.

Sting comes up empty

A Cottonwood sting operation for tobacco compliance found not a single retailer who would sell to a minor. A 16-year-old male was used as a decoy Nov. 12. The teen went to 16 stores attempting to buy cigarettes. Every retailer asked for identification and then refused to sell the smokes. It is the first time in five years of such operations that Cottonwood retailers have refused to sell to young buyers.