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Letters to the Editor Dec. 22, 2006

Taking the chill off winter weather


The American Legion Post 25 recently conducted a warm clothing drive for the veterans at the Prescott VA Hospital. The drive was a huge success and our many thanks to the generous residents of Camp Verde, Cottonwood and the surrounding towns for their donations. After all was said and done, nearly 500 pounds of clothing was given in support of our veterans.

Sadly the holiday season can sometimes be a time of great depression, however, this year, the lucky recipients of all the cozy coats, sweaters and general clothing donated will have a fine, "warm" winter this year. Thanks again for supporting veterans.

Jeri Strande

Americanism Chairman

Verde Valley American Legion Post 25

Political correctness has replaced common sense


In a recent op-ed piece in the Arizona Republic, Kathleen Parker berated our government for sending single military mothers to Iraq.

To answer Parker's question "What kind of country sends mothers of young children ... to war?", it is a country that has allowed political correctness to replace common sense, a country where feminists believe that nature created both sexes to be equal in every sense.

Our armed forces fought long and hard to keep women out of combat units. Anyone with sense knows that women in general are physically weaker than men, yet we lower our physical standards so that they can take jobs to which they are not physically suited.

She says "many never anticipated being in combat situations." What would she expect? That as soon as a ground combat unit is called on, that all women personnel be stripped from the unit, sending its men into combat short-handed?

The WACs, WAVEs and WMs were created to take military jobs that would release men for combat duty.

It is not a reflection on their equality as humans, but on the reality of their God-given gender.

Thank heaven for that difference.

Jim Barber

Camp Verde

Witt, Foreman need to end the witch hunt


In response to Rob Witt's letter to the editor, I would like to state that it is interesting how he always tries to implicate Tony Gioia in something that Tony had no part.

It was Brenda that brought up the question at a scheduled city council meeting. Don't you think that Brenda has the free speech right to question what she thought might be an impropriety? After all, she is a council member.

Personally, I feel she had the right and I feel that it is wrong to call her on the carpet about it. Further, it is way out of line pulling a dirty trick trying to implicate Tony. He had nothing to do with it.

It bears emphasis that Tony went to the Camp Verde employees' party. As mayor of Camp Verde, he felt that it was the right thing to do.

In response to Robert Foreman's letter to the editor, I would like to comment that he is also wrong in implying by innuendo that Brenda had anything to do with any vindictive, spiteful personal attacks on two town employees that organized the party. That is in itself spiteful and vindictive on his part. All Brenda did was bring up a question at a scheduled town council meeting. She has the right to do that.

It is shameful that Mr. Foreman and Mr. Witt are on a witch hunt against Tony and Brenda.

Dick Norred

Camp Verde

Don't expect improvements to Mingus Avenue


There is disappointing news for Christina Hoyal and others who think Mingus Avenue is a dangerous street and in dire need of improvements.

Nothing will be done.

No improvements will be made.

That has been the long history of this heavily used street. The City of Cottonwood has moved ahead with several plans that bring even more traffic to this street without considering either the traffic or safety impact.

The Mingus extension to Arizona 89 was in the plans for quiet some time and is now a reality. Although the extension has been convenient to many travelers, it also brings more traffic, especially truck traffic.

Additionally, the City of Cottonwood recently approved a large 400-plus home development on the west end of Mingus that will bring more traffic to this already at-capacity street.

For those of us who frequent this street, it is amusing and frustrating to see the that every day the city has someone go out and place orange cones on the Clemenceau corner so that motorists won't try to shortcut through the parking lot and avoid the long wait at the stop sign.

This is not an area to apply band aid solutions.

Frustrated drivers in a school zone full of young kids on a narrow street without enough sidewalk space are things that should have our full attention.

The lack of leadership from the mayor and council on this important issue disappointing.

A. Huff


Freedom isn't free, and neither is gasoline


Thank you for printing the letter from the gentleman who opposes "Blood for Oil" but somehow supports Democrat party policies, practices, and politicians.

A perfect reminder of a characteristic shared by members of that group. They operate as though the rest of us have an attention span shorter than a network television commercial break.

And thank you for printing the letter from Mr. Barber about President Carter's inconsistent and idealistic viewpoints on the Middle East.

Both Jim and Jimmy left out one important point, though. Our presence in Iraq is partly to fulfill the Carter Doctrine all the left-wingers hope we forgot. Freedom isn't free, and neither is gasoline.

Enjoy them wisely.

Michael P. Muetzel

Commander, United States Navy Retired

Camp Verde

They just can't seem to leave this road alone


Back in 2004, the county changed the name of our road from West Goddard Road to West Quail Springs Ranch Road.

I can remember we had many phone calls, e-mails, letters and a meeting with the supervisors to get public feedback. Lots of public forum here. I also remember one of the points made at the meeting was that ranch roads were endangered and how we should strive to preserve the history of the Verde Valley in keeping as many ranch roads as possible.

Perhaps we should all reflect on this and ask why such a wonderful piece of Verde Valley history should be paved. Also, why in the world should the fine taxpayers of this community have to pay for a road that could cost in excess of $2 million that only services 25 homes and dead ends.

This does not seem fiscally responsible either seeing how the road building and maintenance fund is facing hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. Then there is the environmental impact and watershed issues. This is just wrong on so many, many levels. You know the last time I looked, if you buy a home on a dirt road things are going to be dusty and bumpy, right?

Well, apparently not. There is a group of self-appointed residents and land owners (the Pave the Road Gang) who are pushing for this paving project, but who have no authority or approval to represent any of us who oppose this project.

The "Gang's" reasons for paving include but are not limited to the following: increased property value, safety, too much dust, rocks and wear and tear on their autos.

Our response to these issues are as follows: Property values: Environmental impact is more important to us than money. Safety: It's not the road, it's the driver. And for the rest: It's a dirt road.

We are residents who live on Quail Springs Ranch Road (FR355). In fact, we bought our home here because of the dirt road and pristine beauty. Paving this dead-end road will change that, and not in a good way.

No phone calls, letters, e-mails or public forum from the county. Not a word. No one asked us or you the taxpayers if this was OK. This is so much more than a name change and a few street signs. This is huge, and in our opinion wrong.

It would have been nice to have been asked. Please leave our road alone.

Tom and Linda Prendergast