Fri, Oct. 18

Forest Service shows interest in cliffrose property

As part of the Mingus Avenue Extension project, Yavapai County was forced to purchase the 360-acre Arizona cliffrose property the road currently passes through. Following the purchase, Mingus Avenue was extended from Main Street in Cottonwood to the junction of 89A and Cornville Road.

At the last County Board of Supervisors meeting, supervisors requested allocation of $2.6 million for the Forest Service to purchase the endangered property from the county. This was included in a letter to Congressman Rick Renzi listing priorities for the county in regards to federal legislation or appropriations in 2006.

"We had to purchase the property to mitigate the endangered species act," said Vice Chairman Chip Davis. "The forest service is better prepared to ensure the conservation issues. It is contiguous with forestlands and they have indicated an interest in obtaining the lands."

Supervisor Carol Springer said the $2.6 million would be needed to provide the Forest Service with the funds necessary for the purchase. The land was initially purchased from the State Land Department.

If the money is approved, it would return some of the dollars the county had to spend.

"It would return local tax dollars that were spent to comply with a federal mandate," said Davis.

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