Sun, Dec. 08

Jerome sends fee ordinance to attorney
Public hearings required before council approval

The cost of building or remodeling in Jerome will soon change.

What is hoped to be the final version of Ordinance 331 -- a schedule of new fees -- has been sent by Jerome Town Clerk Al Palmieri to the town's attorney for approval. If the attorney approves the schedule, two public hearings will be set before the council votes on the ordinance.

The ordinance primarily covers fees for the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Design Review Board. A few administrative fees are included in the proposed ordinance.

It was in early March when the council first tackled the job of bringing town fees in line with the costs of providing certain services to its residents and business owners. At that time the council was looking at two or three separate ordinances to cover P&Z fees, building inspection and grading permits.

But the council decided during its March 28 meeting to combine two fee schedules into a single ordinance to simplify the process and save money on advertising prior to public hearings. The first fee schedule was standard fees, such as the cost of business licenses and charges for faxes and photocopies. The second schedule was for fees through P&Z and Design Review. Now the two schedules have been combined.

Changes have been made to some of the proposed fee increases since the first schedules were presented to the council. One such proposed increase, which drew opposition, was the cost to residents for filing an appeal over a P&Z decision. The previous appeal fee was $100. It was originally proposed to go up to $600. At the March 28 meeting, the recommendation was made to keep the appeal fee at $100 but add the cost of publishing legal advertisements as required by law.

That is the proposed fee for appeals now in the final version. The cost to appeal a P&Z decision will be $100 plus advertising costs to a maximum of $350. Appeals that must go to the town's Board of Adjustment will be charged the same as for P&Z.

Applications through P&Z will cost $100, and new construction permits will include the cost of advertising to a maximum of $350.

Residents who must go before the Design Review Board for simple projects such as getting approval for paint colors or roofing without a change of composition will not be charged a fee.

New-construction permits for residential buildings will cost $500 and commercial buildings will cost $1,000. Large alterations, using building permit valuation, will cost $25 for a project under $500. Projects valued between $501 and $10,000 will cost $100. Permits for larger projects will cost $100 plus 1 percent for the amount over $10,000.

Some administrative costs are included in the proposed ordinance. The cost for a hard copy of the comprehensive plan or the zoning ordinance will cost $25, but a CD copy will cost only $10. Copies of the town code will be $35 or $10 for CD.

Photocopies made at Town Hall will cost 25 cents per page for black and white or $1 per page for color. Faxes, to send or receive, will cost $4 for the first page and 50 cents for each additional page.

Notary Public fees will stay at $2.

The first public reading of Ordinance 331 will be during the scheduled council meeting June 13 at 7 p.m. Council meetings are held in council chambers in the Jerome Civic Center at 600 Clark St.

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