Fri, Oct. 18

Bob Bouwman new mayor of Jerome
Three new council members are sworn in

In her last official act as mayor of Jerome, Jane Moore placed councilman Bob Bouwman's name in nomination for mayor.

"I talked with him and he would like to be the mayor," Moore said.

Although Bouwman was absent during Tuesday night's scheduled council meeting, he was elected unanimously by the newly seated town council.

Moore was nominated and elected to serve as vice mayor, a position she held during the time that Jay Kinsella was mayor.

Three new council members -- Nancy Stewart, Gil Robinson and Rebekah Kennedy were sworn in. Bouwman and Moore are the only two holdover council members. Councilman John Scarcella did not run for re-election.

Bouwman has been on the council for two years and has served as commissioner over the fire department and the parks department. It has been tradition in Jerome for the council candidate receiving the most votes to be elected by the council as mayor.

During the March primary, Bouwman received more votes than the other candidates.

Stewart, a write-in candidate during the May general election, received 121 votes -- the most of any candidate in either the primary or general election. She was not on the ballot during the primary election.

Kennedy also won a seat on the council during the May election with 106 votes. Robinson received 96 votes in the general election and won his seat over challengers Anne Bassett and Louis Galluzzi. Prior to being seated on the council, Robinson has served on the town's Planning and Zoning Commission.

During the primary, four incumbents ran against four challengers. Moore and Bouwman were elected outright by picking up more than 50 percent of the total votes cast.

In that election, incumbents Jeannie "Jet" Tennant and Elisabeth Rappaport failed to gather enough votes to win re-election outright. Both decided not to run for re-election during the May election.

In the same situation of not having received enough votes during the primary were Kennedy, Robinson, Bassett and Galluzzi.

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