Thu, Oct. 17

Change in the Clarkdale lineup
One on, one out, one up to bat

Following Town Manager Gayle Mabery's comment that many people who serve on the council don't realize how time consuming it is, newly appointed Councilman Curt Bohall, with a large three-ring binder in hand, smiled and took his seat.

Mabery said she could say that now as it is too late for Bohall to back out.

Tuesday, Bohall took the place of former Councilman Tim Wills on the Clarkdale Town Council.

Speaking to Wills, Mayor Doug Von Gausig said, "You were a valuable member of the council Š and I want you back one day."

Wills was thanked by other members of the council and was given a plaque for his commitment to the town.

"It's been an honor to serve the community," Wills said.

Bohall's first action, after taking his oath of office, was seconding the motion to reappoint re-elected Councilman Jerry Wiley as vice-mayor.

Wiley was re-elected in the March primary. Bohall was elected to the council in the general election in May. He won a runoff against Greta Schiegg.

Bohall has served on the planning commission for the last 20 months. He resigned from the commission as a result of his election to the council.

In his resignation letter, Bohall wrote, "It has been and honor and a privilege to have served as a member of the planning commission for the past 20 months, and I am looking forward to serving the residents of Clarkdale as their representative on the council."

Bohall has stated a focus on transportation improvements and growth.

Wiley received a congratulatory handshake from Von Gausig after the council voted unanimously to reappoint him to the vice-mayor position.

Wiley is a long-term member of the council. He was mayor of Clarkdale from 1994 to 1996 and has served on the water conservation group, Northern Arizona Council of Governments and the Board of Adjustment.

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