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It's D'Lish

Whether you are a strict vegetarian or not, the menu at D'Lish offers several, healthy options to suite your pallet. Enjoy a unique meal inside the comfortable restaurant or on the scenic patio. Both are non-smoking.

The Guacamole Wrap, kindly stuffed with homemade guacamole, fresh beets, carrots, slaw and sprouts, is a wise and yummy choice.

Perhaps the grilled seitan, made of wheat gluten and 65-percent protein, is a proper choice. The tender seitan filets are hickory smoked and grilled to perfection. The filets look and taste like meat and they are fat free. Try that with avocado, and you are in for a healthy treat.

No matter which dish you chose, drink a homemade vegetable or fruit juice instead of a sugary soda. The fresh carrot, celery and ginger juice is a good source for natural energy and fiber.

It is highly recommended to finish off with a homemade carob brownie. Carob is natures chocolate.

D'Lish is the first completely vegan restaurant in the Verde Valley in seven years. In fact, it is the only restaurant of its kind between here and Phoenix.

The owners, Rick Genstil and Nancy Samuels, have visited Sedona two times a year for 18 years. Samuels says that during their visits there was no place for them to eat because they are strict vegans themselves and have been for a very long time.

"Being vegan is hard," Samuels said.

On Oct. 22, 2005, Genstil and Samuels opened D'Lish in Sedona. Genstil says that he does most of the business aspects of the restaurant, but Samuels does all of the chefing, and baking. Almost everything on the menu is from scratch.

"Still after many years with my wife, (Samuels) and having restaurants, I'm still amazed that one person does everything," Genstil said.

Genstil also says that Samuels is very gifted and she loves to cook. All of the recipes are from her big brain and some were featured in one of the other three restaurants they have owned in the past.

Samuels thanks their employees because she and Genstil could not have D'Lish if it were not for their wonderful help.

"Our employees here are better than we have had in any of our restaurants," Samuels said.

Genstil and Samuels live the philosophy of the food that they serve. Their life principles and principles of the restaurant are: health, compassion, and the environment.

"For us, it is about the food and the philosophy," Genstil said.

The menu items are free of processed sugar, refined sugar, and animal products.

"We believe that (animal-free products) helps the environment and alleviates the suffering of animals," Genstil said.

The menu at D'Lish, which has been fine-tuned four times, caters to most restrictive diets. Such as those who eat low fat, low sodium, or a wheat-free diet.

Genstil says that D'Lish has daily regulars, and "the tourists love us." People are thrilled to find an establishment that is completely vegan. However, vegetarians are not the only people who eat at D'Lish. Many people choose to eat healthy.

In the summer, they plan to expand the menu and support local, organic produce growers.

D'Lish is open every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Every night D'Lish offers a different dinner special starting at 5 p.m.

The restaurant is located at 3190 W. Arizona 89A, on the corner of Dry Creek and 89A.

For more information, visit the Web site: or call (928) 203-9393.

Vegetarian Lingo:

"If we can make it for them, (customers) we will," Genstil said.

Lacto-Vegetarian--one who eats dairy, but no eggs or meat, poultry, or fish

Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian--one who eats dairy and eggs but not meat, poultry or fish

Ovo-Vegetarian--one who eats eggs but no dairy, meat, poultry or fish

Vegan--one who consumes absolutely no animal products including dairy, eggs and honey

Raw food diet--people who have this diet only eat foods that have not been cooked in a temperature more than 118 degrees.

Macrobiotic diet-- a certain percentage of beans, grains, and sea vegetables included in diet. People who have this diet try to eat local food, not more than 500 miles away.

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