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General Election runoff

Elections are on the horizon in Clarkdale. The General Election is May 16 and will decide who will sit on the town council for a four-year term.

Vice-mayor Jerry Wiley and Councilman Tim Wills are serving terms that expire in June. Wills is not running for reelection and Wiley won outright in the primaries giving back his seat on council.

Now it is a heads-up runoff between Curt Bohall and Greta Schiegg for the remaining seat.

Curt Bohall has been a planning commissioner for the Town of Clarkdale since September 2004. He has lived in Clarkdale for 14 years and the Verde Valley since 1985.

After retiring from the Navy in 1972, Bohall worked for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. He has also worked in Jerome and part-time at Bent River Machine in Clarkdale.

"If you choose me, I will try to do what's right for Clarkdale," said Bohall at an election forum a couple months ago.

Bohall is focussed on transportation improvements and growth.

"There's not a whole lot the town can do to say no to a development," he said. "Can't tell developers they can't build here because the general plan supports growth."

He is for planned area development because communities can "get a bit more out of them from a developer."

Schiegg is also focused on growth.

"I am for growth as long as it is productive and viable and takes in consideration natural resources," she said. "I am most interested in structured growth with community preservation. We need a fine balance with everyone in mindŠ. Growth was, at first, painful and sorrowful, but then it was excitingŠI'm excited to see this growth, but we have a lot of challenges that comes with itŠ It takes people in this community participating. Let's thrive together."

She is for planned area development, interested in having land available for public use and is also focussed on a fire department expansion using a regional perspective.

Schiegg has been a resident of the Verde Valley on and off for 23 years. She attended Clarkdale/Jerome Elementary School where her daughter goes now. She was the youngest EMT, Firefighter and CPR instructor at the Sedona Fire Department when she was 19. She contributed to the community through the fire department for four years.

Schiegg, 33, has been a manager at a ladies boutique store in Sedona and was the executive personnel Administrator at L'Auberge de Sedona.

"I'm here as a voice, not my own personal intentions or gain," she said.

Another issue both are concerned with is water.

"I hope [the rising water costs] will make us conserve," Bohall said. "Water and oil are running short. I don't know what were going to run out of first."

In regards to the rising costs for water, Schiegg said the community will absorb the cost, but we will "certainly see benefits in the future."

The General Election is a vote-by-mail-only election and will be held May 16. Voters should have begun receiving ballots. The last day to register to vote was April 17.

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