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Letters to the Editor, May 31, 2006

Cottonwood needs and deserves new rec center


In response to Mr. Thomas McCabe's letter of May 24, I would like to respond with the following.

First, I would invite Mr. McCabe to attend the regularly scheduled meetings of the Council as well as the Parks and Recreation Commission, held publicly each month in the City Council Chambers. There he could ask his questions and receive the answers he desires.

Secondly, all the citizenry of Cottonwood as well as the surrounding communities would utilize the proposed recreation center.

Thirdly, as to a duplication of existing facilities raised by Mr. McCabe, a cursory examination of his inquiry is self-explanatory. A requirement of usage for the proposed recreation center will not be dependent upon property ownership in a private development, but open to all who care to participate with a proposed user fee. In addition, the facility can be used for many and various activities that can benefit the entire community, and not just a select few.

Cottonwood needs and deserves such a facility.

Nathaniel Munn

Parks and Recreation Commissioner

She sounds a lot like Jimmy Carter


Watching Hillary Clinton call a press conference and state, "It is time for us to encourage the formulation and production of Ethanol, made from corn."

This is the same Hillary who not too long ago spoke out about what a crazy idea using ethanol as a supplement for our fuel problems.

Then in the same speech, Hillary as serious as one could imagine, proclaimed, "We need to weatherstrip our windows, and lower the speed limit to 55 mph."

Do her ideas remind anyone out there of Jimmy Carter, the most shameful excuse for a president in the 20th century? The same Carter who is seldom invited to sit on the stage of Democrats running for office in any area other than Georgia.

Just picture four or eight years with a Hillary in office, known for her outdated ideas.

Paul Lidbeck


Thanks for the coverage in Beaver Creek


Thanks you's to Steve Ayers and the other members of The Bugle staff for the excellent coverage of the Beaver Creek community activities! It was a nice surprise to pick up this Sunday's paper and see the article about the care boxes sent by the Lake Montezuma Women's Civic Club and letters received from the troops.

Glenda Lagore had parts of 55 boxes scattered throughout her house while entertaining out-of-town visitors. (How did she manage to do that?) It was also an unexpected pleasure to see items from the BC summer activities' schedule on the front page. Our Kiwanis organization has collected and printed these activities and hopes to do an update for July/August. Residents are invited to let us know if we missed any activities, events, or volunteer opportunities for children, youth, or families in this area. We'll make sure that those are included in the next edition.

The Camp Verde Parks and Recreation Department and the Camp Verde Library always make their terrific activities available to those of us in the surrounding communities. Thanks to both for being so considerate and inclusive.

Looking forward to the Crawfish Festival

Janet Aniol


Recreation Center ‹ a benefit or burden to the community?


It is said that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. This camel appears to me to have long eye lashes and gold mascara. First and foremost my previous critique, dated May 24, questioned the cost of this project and the cost of ensuing maintenance, manning and power now and in the future for a new Cottonwood Recreation Center. I thought that it could not get any worse. I was wrong. Well intended I'm sure but in my opinion, pure folly.

I would like to point out that my criticism is directed at the concept of this project and not the Town Council or anyone associated with it.

We, as a nation, thought that the cost of power, fuel, and energy, not to mention the 'G' word gasoline, could not get any worse. We now know differently! Have we seen the last of crude oil increases now at $71 per barrel? We don't have to run out of fuel for the nation to come to a screeching halt. At $100 a barrel no one is going anywhere, not even to the proposed Recreation Center.

This country is headed for a train wreck because the need to conserve energy consumption has been and is poorly addressed now, if not totally ignored.

An aquatic center is proposed for the center with a warm water current to "walk and float in." The hospital has a strong interest in "partnering" with Cottonwood for this component based on the value of "therapy" for those stricken with arthritis. I am painfully aware of that but if energy costs rise again that "therapy" will be on our bicycles not in "a warm flowing stream" that we can walk against. Sounds like a water park.

The City of Cottonwood should not be in the health care business or spending tax dollars for a water park. That and the liability that goes with it is best left to commercial ventures. The last thing the city needs is massive litigation due to accidents. Lawsuits would close the aquatic center indefinitely. We are informed that aquatic components are standard in Recreation Centers constructed elsewhere. That is not Cottonwood's concern. They may have been built before $71 dollar crude and they may very well end up as white elephants.

This is the age of high energy and high fuel costs and high taxes. The trend of energy costs and taxes are up. They are not going down. Has the city projected the cost of light, heat, and air conditioning of this facility well into the future or will the city just rely on its taxing authority?

Citizens and homeowners are captive to the whims of municipalities. If anything, the city should consider the impact on the already high taxes levied on their residents. I have personally witnessed taxes levied on homes, in other parts of the country, creeping up to the point where modest homes became unlivable due to the rising costs of good intentions. An example? An eight-room raised ranch taxed at $10,000 in Paramus, N.J.; A four-bedroom colonial $12,000. You may argue that we are a long way from that. That is the point; we must guard against creeping taxation.

Municipalities have a duty and responsibility to provide essential services only; not irresponsible services.

Any proposed project anywhere should be energy neutral, environmentally neutral and fiscally sound. A $16 million project for Cottonwood does not meet that criteria.

We must consider the impact these factors will have on our dwindling resources.

We are blessed in the Verde Valley with magnificent mild weather. Utilize this blessing to the max.

Thomas McCabe


Thank you for your loving care


We wish to thank all our friends and family for their thoughts and loving care at our time of loss. Also thank you for the food, cards and flowers so thoughtfully given.

The family of Frank New

Camp Verde