Sun, Sept. 22

Royal flush candidate slate for Camp Verde School Board

If it were a game of poker, the voters in the Camp Verde Unified School District would have a hard time containing themselves Nov. 7.

They'd be looking at a royal flush.

As has been the case with all the Verde Valley School Board races this year, the list of candidates vying for seats on the Camp Verde School Board is mighty impressive.

If you were playing poker, you'd be raising the stakes with a hand like this.

There's only one down side to the decision awaiting Camp Verde voters Nov. 7: You can't elect all five of them.

Two of the five candidates already are winners as two of the seats on this ballot are for specific four-year terms. As the only candidates seeking these posts, incumbent Dennis Sterrett and newcomer Andrea Wrubel are in the driver's seat. Your vote for them is nothing more than a well-deserved vote of confidence.

The three remaining candidates ‹ John Bassous, Bob Simbric and Kelli Spleiss ‹ are competing for two seats that will be up for election again in two years. Simbric brings the most experience to the table, having served on the board off and on dating all the way back to 1977, both as a board member and president of the board. Bassous is an incumbent and the current president of the board. Spleiss was appointed to the board in August to fill the vacancy left by Wendy Escoffier.

All three are more than capable. The community cannot go wrong by voting for any of the three.

It's a sure bet.

Kind of like being dealt a royal flush.

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