Tue, Oct. 22

There isn't light at the end of this tunnel


Jim Barber's letter in the April 6 paper was well written, but no matter how good the writing the letter obscured the truth and misplaced the blame for the increasing number of people who do not support the president and our country's involvement in Iraq. Contrary to the letter, it is not liberals and the media who are responsible for this decreasing support. The real reason is this administration's mismanagement of the war.

After 9-11, the U.S. had worldwide sympathy and support. This was not only global but included both liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. Since 9-11 though, the Bush Administration has squandered this support by not finishing the job in Afghanistan. Instead, the President and his conservative supporters diverted troops and resources into a misguided and unrealistically optimistic adventure in Iraq.

The primary justification for going to war with Iraq was because of WMD. It was not because Saddam Hussein was a tyrant. This was a preemptive war. Since the toppling of Hussein, the Administration has paraded a number of other reasons why we invaded Iraq. Unfortunately, war is not and should not be justified after the fact.

Not only was there no evidence of WMD, there was also no evidence of Al-Qaida being in Iraq. At least not until President Bush challenged them to take us on.

We broke Iraq and have not been able to put it back together because of poor planning based on unrealistic expectations.

The lack of support has nothing to do with the media, with liberals, or the fading of 9-11. The increasing lack of support is due to false pretenses, the administration's manipulation of information, and mismanagement. To an increasing number of Americans, there isn't a light at the end of this tunnel. And all the while, we haven't finished the job in Afghanistan.

Joe Stack


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