Tue, July 16

Airport commission to be established for Cottonwood
Formal adoption expected May 1

An ordinance to establish an airport commission for the Cottonwood Municipal Airport was first read at Tuesday's City Council meeting. A second reading and formal adoption of the ordinance will come back to the council at the May 1 meeting.

An airport commission would provide the City Council with knowledgeable suggestions regarding airport operations and development, provide a forum for public involvement and would ease the load off city staff, who spend numerous hours dealing with aviation needs.

The City Council reviewed a draft ordinance on April 3, which stated the commission should consist of five voting members who have "working knowledge of aviation matters."

Council members decided it would be a good idea to have the commission consist of seven members, with two being from the general public -- "outsiders," who could offer fresh input and who "would possibly disagree with the commission," council members said.

Although Airport Users Association President Al Gradijan and other association members did not particularly welcome this idea at that time, they now agree it is a good idea.

"Seven is a great idea," Gradijan said. He said members of the association have been talking with commissioners from other airports, who "have found that having one or two members from the public has enhanced their commissions."

There was no opposition to the first reading.