Tue, Jan. 28

Gun control is the only answer


Regarding Michelle Borgwardt's recent editorial "gun control laws have no weight ..." allow this rebuttal.

Her atypical NRA type response has hog-tied the legislation in this country since John F. Kennedy was shot, since Bobby Kennedy was shot, since the Texas Law School sniper shootings; on and on we go ... now there are 32 shot dead, and as many wounded on a campus in Virginia. Her sanctimonious justification "restricts law abiding citizens from protecting themselves." sounds like we all need a Glock automatic pistol with 30 rounds to aim at someone else who is aiming a Glock automatic pistol; ie: Pat Buchanan logic. We now have more weapons on the street in this country than we have adults to own them.

 However, one may want to classify the "right to bear arms," it can not be a defined right to purchase a weapon capable of firing 30 rounds in a matter of seconds, seconds not minutes. I must honestly believe the framers of our exemplary Constitution did not think that a single-shot muzzle loading rifle could turn into a small hand-held weapon whereby 32 lives could be lost in less time than it took to sign that Constitution.

This is not just the "worst campus shooting in American history," it is the worst act of violence/murder perpetrated by one individual with a gun in ALL of American history, and it was easily done with an automatic pistol that a deranged individual was allowed to purchase in a Virginia pawn shop.

 Ms. Borgwardt, gun control is not the "...ugly head ... like a riled rattlesnake" that you so depict. It is beyond time to draw a line in the sand and get our collective heads out of it. The Commonwealth of Virginia allows a person to purchase one weapon every 30 days. It does not have a state mandated waiting period or background check. It is merely "obligated" to heed federal law. Had the short-lived federal assault weapon ban not been lifted less than three years ago, there is certainly the possibility that Cho-Hui would not have been able to buy his weapon of choice, and families this weekend would most likely be talking to their husbands, wives, father, mothers and children instead of burying them. 

  Your comparison of gun control to "outlaw liquor," "cocaine and meth being illegal" is preponderous. "Thousands of men and women ... died to preserve our constitutional right," to what?; slaughter co-workers in a post office, kill young children in an Amish grade school or 12 classmates and a teacher in a high school, or the worst of all, 32 college teachers and students? If that isn't a scourge equal to drug abuse on our society, what is?

Your are right about one thing. There is a "slap in the face," and it should be given to the NRA for being the first organization to issue a press release on Tuesday after the killings, condemning the actions of a madman, an obvious public relations attempt to "rally round the gun boys."

 Gun control has to be the answer, however Ms. Borgwardt and the NRA would certainly lead you to believe otherwise, as the campus police carefully pull Cho-Hui's weapon from his "cold dead fingers."

Dave Grondin


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