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Draft would be bad for GOP


Re: Letters to the Editor, July 28, 2007: Mr. Darold Smith 'Are we at war'?

In my rebuttal, 'Tyranny At Home Breeds Terrorism Abroad,' the question I asked, "Why no Draft," I purposely left unanswered. The answer is buried in the Selective Service Law mandates available on-line. If a draft was revived the consequences of this and for any other conflict would cause immense grief and disruption for the American people. Obviously, one answer then is that a revival of the draft would have a negative impact on the Republican Party. Further evidence that Congress is playing partisan politics with the young men fighting and dying in Iraq. The second answer, and I believe the most prominent, ironically has nothing to do with the Iraq War but is, in my opinion, a greater threat to our sovereignty. All I can do is repeat my supposition:

"Why no draft? Could it be draftees must carry a Selective Service ID Card? Isn't our Nation Security, our very survival, at risk if we 'lose' in Iraq? Why no draft? Who wouldn't be eligible for the draft? Think about that one." Mr. Darold Smith thought about that one and realized the implication. Sorry for the puzzle.

I would like to comment on a previous Letters to the Editor: "Country owes no apologies." Paraphrasing, why did we attack Iraq? Americans were obsessed with the immediate need to destroy Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Gen. Colin Powell presented an argument before the United Nations Febrary 2003 that Iraq was attempting to acquire "Yellow Cake" (...this is a the product loaded into reactors to produce a fisionable material for the production of an atomic weapon. Iraq did not have a nuclear reactor at the time); the speech a precursor to war. The United States attacked Iraq March 2003. In Sept. 13, 2004, Gen. Powell stated it was highly unlikely WMDs would be found. That statement was made before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. Gen. Powell resigned Nov. 15, 2004. Why did we go to war, Mr. Barber? Why no draft? Would you send convoys on roads that you knew were mined? Do you think that Israel would have tolerated any WMDs on their borders after destroying (not damaging) Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti's reactor? Why is a $500 million resort hotel called an Embassy under construction in an Arab country that President Bush declared Jan. 29, 2002, an Axis of Evil?

Gen. Powell spoke with Barbara Walters on national television in September 2005 and stated that the speech he made was a 'blot' on his record. Col. Lawrence B. Wilkerson, the general's aide-de-camp admitted that he was cajoled into preparing Gen. Powell's erroneous speech and called it a hoax on the American people. Should we just forget these implications as insignificant?

Why we went to war, again I ask. Mr. Barber states because of "That, and the fact that liberals in our own government had effectively emasculated our intelligence services to the point that we had no hard human intelligence to aid ..." So we attacked Iraq and destroyed their infrastructure not knowing what we were doing or why we were doing it?

On the same subject, I would like to call on Mr. Barber's expertise of Satellite Reconnaissance, writing "Satellite intelligence is wonderful but woefully incomplete. It did, however, show truck convoys leaving Iraq for the Syrian desert in the hours before the second invasion."

I ask, if the trucks were leaving laden with WMDs and our main purpose in that region was to destroy them, why attack Iraq? If the trucks did not carry WMDs, where are they? Now I'm just a poor country boy but I think I know a shell game when I see one. Think I'll stay with the distinguished Gen. Colin Powell's testimony.

Now, Mr. Barber, if you want to deny the above facts, or question Gen. Powell's integrity, go argue with the writers for the Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

If you so desire to believe the conflicting rhetoric spewed out by the Washington Spin-Meisters do so at your own peril. If you so desire to think that the U.S. government is some protectorate of Americans, I couldn't care less; just stay out of tall buildings.

'Are we really at War?' Thank you, Mr. Smith.

Thomas McCabe


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