Sat, Dec. 07

True science lines up with Bible's teachings


In a recent Letter to the Editor, the writer laments: "It takes no more faith to believe in this (big bang/Darwinism) than it takes to believe in a Creator." I agree that each is a religious belief and neither should be taught as science. However, real science-knowledge derived from the study of evidence-should support a belief if it is true.

The writer claimed, "Evolutionary theory is observable and predictive." Throwing out such claims is one thing; supporting them is quite another.

The word "evolution" has many meanings, only one of which is observed by scientists. This is micro-evolution (changes within the same kind), which is caused by the loss of genetic information. This loss constitutes a principle known as "Gene Depletion." This is why dogs can only bring forth dogs. However, the writer was referring to macro-evolution; also known as Neo-Darwinism.

This belief predicts that science should find a multitude of examples of nature adding massive amounts of new and beneficial genetic data to existing gene pools, the type of information that could change a dog into a non-dog. However, to date, scientists know of no viable example of nature adding new and beneficial genetic data to an existing gene pool.

In, "Genetic Entropy: The Mystery of the Genome," Dr. J. Sanford of Cornell examines the validity of Neo-Darwinism's claim that random mutations combined with Natural Selection has led to the change from-goo-to-you."

This book reveals compelling new genetic evidence that the human genome is actually deteriorating due to the accumulation of mutational genetic losses (Gene Depletion). Dr. Sanford, holder of 25 patents in genetic research, systematically lays out the scientific case against Neo-Darwinism, showing that the more we learn about the genome, the less plausible Darwinism becomes. In other words, Gene Depletion plus Natural Selection render Darwinian change to be scientifically impossible, which explains the total lack of viable examples of Darwinism.

The Bible predicts that one kind of plant or animal will bring forth after its kind, and this is exactly what science finds to be the case. Dogs bring forth dogs, finches bring forth finches, and ivy brings forth ivy. All are capable of variation, but only within their own kind. Millions of examples of kinds bringing forth after their kind are found. Real science and God's Word go hand-in-hand because God's Word is true, Word for Word and cover to cover.

Russ Miller

Founder of Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries

Flagstaff, AZ

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