Tue, June 25

Christmas just for seniors at Moose Lodge this weekend

It is a tradition, and it is a special day for seniors.

A Christmas dinner is served on the second Sunday of December every year by the men and women of the Verde Valley Moose Lodge in Clarkdale the meal is intended just for seniors. The lodge has already received calls to make sure the 35-year tradition continues.

The Lodge is decorated and

The Women of the Moose will be serving this year. Judy, wife of administrator Steve Hearrell says, prizes will be given to the couple married the longest and both the oldest gentleman and oldest lady who attend.

The Lodge traditionally wraps gifts for each person who attends.

Shut-ins and those in retirement communities should call the Moose Lodge in advance at 634-8668 so that the meals can be delivered by Meals on Wheels.

Members begin to pool their resources early to fund the annual dinner. Several members will don their chef's hats Tuesday and Wednesday and begin preparations, cooking up the turkey and preparing the sweet and mashed potatoes, gravy and pie.

Thirty to 40 members work to prepare the special day and often get help from the Girls Scouts, as well.

The annual Senior Christmas Dinner is a tradition that has become a primary benefit of the lodge.

The day brings good Christmas cheer and company for those who are often overlooked.

Service begins at noon.