Tue, June 25

Building a strong local economy doesn't happen overnight

The Chamber Board and Town Council are working together to help build a strong local economy, promote the community, and provide networking opportunities. This partnership has resulted in the town investing in tourism and the TEAM Grant that promotes Camp Verde.

Our goal is to have visitors stay and play in Camp Verde. If 500,000 people stay just one day, the result is $40.6 Million dollars in retail income and $1.2 million dollars in sales tax for the town. The average stay in our area is 2.5 days and this would result in $101.4 million and sales tax of $4.5 million.

By working together with the Arizona Office of Tourism, we are making this happen. We have already mailed over 5,000 Community Guides and brochures to potential visitors from our first advertisement with Arizona Office of Tourism and have developed a new tourism website:

Our board is also evaluating ways to retain and expand businesses that will allow us to take advantage of the extra spending that comes from tourism. Currently other communities in the Verde Valley are harvesting our tourism dollars.

Along with the town's investment of $30,000, our businesses have invested $43,000 to produce the Community Guide and the 2007 Calendar to help promote Camp Verde. The calendar is free to the community residences and a gift of the sponsoring businesses.

The Chamber is where businesses and community leaders meet to shape a better tomorrow for our community. The Chamber offers a range of useful services and programs that help meet today's challenges and opportunities and represents the interests of businesses as we plan for the future.

Join us in helping to shape a better tomorrow for our community.

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