Tue, Jan. 21

Mingus board gets update on renovation
Architect explains which projects will come first

The $15 million renovation of Mingus Union High School likely will start in April, according to the district's architect, Reynold Radoccia.

The first projects will be the gymnasium, electrical upgrades and the boys' locker room.

Radoccia said there are some "sticky issues" with phase one, mostly scheduling. He said the project will start in April and continue through the summer months.

At this time, the code review has been completed. Radoccia said some discrepancies have been found in a previous report. He said some of the firewall issues the district thought it had may actually be non-issues, saving the district some money.

During the past three to four weeks, the architect has been working on drawings of the existing facilities. Those will be used as a base from which to work on renovation projects. "We're 50 to 60 percent done with that," Radoccia said.

He said he is also working on the pre-design phase, which should be completed in seven to 10 days.

Recently, Radoccia has met with product distributors for things that will be used in phase one, such as bleachers, backboards and lockers.

He said he will meet Friday with a representative of the company that installed the gymnasium floor six to eight years ago. That representative will go over the condition of the gym floor. Radoccia said the installer of the current floor thinks it may only need to be refinished, instead of being replaced. That also would save the district some money.

Some of the sticky issues in phase one come from scheduling. Radoccia said bleachers could take up to 12 weeks to install. He said the board would have to work out some scheduling options.

Most of the 12 weeks for installation of the bleachers is tied up in lead-time. He said they could actually be installed in one week once the installers are on the job site.

Another sticky problem is figuring out the schedule for installation of the new electrical service to the campus.

"We cannot put the new electrical service in exactly where the old service is," Radoccia said. He said power could be off to the school for up to six weeks in the summer. That's a problem in scheduling because the renovation cannot continue without doing the electrical installation first.

Once phase one is completed, construction work should move better. "The bulk of construction will be done in phase two," Radoccia said.

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