Sun, Dec. 15

Waste Management of Arizona dumped
Patriot Disposal picked up

Clarkdale residents can expect to have a larger recycling container and same-day brush pickup, and not pay any more for it.

The town council decided to end its nine-year dealings with Waste Management of Arizona and contract with Patriot Disposal for residential trash, brush and recycled material pickup.

Finance Director Carlton Woodruff said the town is currently in negotiations with Patriot Disposal to keep trash pickup day the same.

"Our preliminary expectation is that the day will not change," he said.

The current trash and recycled material pickup day is Tuesday. Brush pickup, which is currently offered by the town's public works department, is offered on Monday. However, with the new contract that becomes effective March 1, brush pickup will be offered through Patriot Disposal and will be included with the trash pickup on that same day.

Costs for the service will remain $18.75 for a large trash container and $16.25 for a small container. However, contracting with Patriot will save the town money.

Woodruff said it is "advantageous to the Town of Clarkdale in both budget savings and employee hours" to relieve the public works department in brush and debris pickup.

In analyzing cost, Woodruff said the town paid about $1,015 for the month of December in salaries and other costs associated with the public works department's involvement in brush pickup. This figure was noted as being low and does not include vehicle maintenance.

The cost for this service from Patriot's proposal is $1,100 per month.

The total monthly cost to the town for services from Patriot will be $13,925, which is roughly $10,000 less than Waste Management Arizona's proposal.

Taylor Waste submitted a proposal for $21,226. Owner Chris Taylor suggested that the council go with his company since they are a local, family-owned business and the money would stay in the community.

The town attorney said the town is bound by law to take the lowest responsible bidder.

The total bill from Patriot Disposal will be sent to the town each month, as it is now from Waste Management Arizona. The town will then bill residents for the service.

It was argued by a town resident at Tuesday's meeting that the town should not handle trash service.

Gifford Hamilton believes it should be his decision who picks up his trash and whether he has recycling and brush pickup services.

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