Tue, Feb. 18

Mayor kicks off campaign

Mayor Ruben Jauregui officially kicked off his campaign Tuesday to be re-elected for mayor of Cottonwood.

"My focus has been to make Cottonwood a better place to live, a better place to work, and a better place to call home," he told supporters in front of the civic center in Old Town.

The announcement comes about five weeks after the mayor filed paperwork with the city clerk to become an official candidate. Jauregui will be running against Councilwoman Diane Joens and Vice Mayor Randy Lowe.

Jauregui said he is running on his experience as mayor. He cited the success and his involvement with large projects such as the municipal water acquisition. He also listed some things that should be focussed on in the future, such as making the Cottonwood Municipal Airport play a bigger role in the community.

The Primary Election will be March 13 and the General Election is scheduled for May 15. Voters have until Feb 12 to register to vote in the Primary Election and April 16 to vote in the General.

Voter registration forms are available at City hall, Cottonwood Public Library, Cottonwood Post Office and the Yavapai County Annex.

Still accepting paperwork for those interested

There is another entrant into the Cottonwood race for council.

John Altizer has filed papers with the city clerk to be an official write-in candidate for the March primary.

Altizer will face hopefuls Ron Hollis and Duane Kirby, whose names will appear on the ballot. Kirby and Hollis filed paperwork to be official candidates before the write-in period began.

There are three council seats up for grabs. Councilwoman Diane Joens, Vice Mayor Randy Lowe and Councilman Bob Rothrock have expiring terms. Joens and Lowe are running for mayor. Rothrock has decided not to seek another term.

The city clerk is still accepting paperwork for those interested in running for council as a write-in candidate. The deadline to file papers is Feb. 1.

According to the City of Cottonwood, "A candidate for local office must be a qualified elector at the time of election. Any such candidate, in addition to other requirements, must be 18 years of age or more on or before the election, have resided in the city limits for one year preceding the election, and restored his civil rights if having been convicted of a felony."

Those interested in being write-in candidates should acquire and return paperwork to City Hall, 827 N. Main Street in Old Town.

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