Sun, Feb. 16

Commissioners only give advice; the buck stops with City Council

With just one meeting under its belt, Cottonwood's new Airport Commission has showed that it likely will turn out to be one of the most ambitious, forward-thinking, get-it-done boards and commissions that advise the City Council.

The commission's first meeting Monday saw the board discuss the development of an operations and procedures manual for the Cottonwood Municipal Airport, review the Airport Master Plan and listen to an airport pavement management report. Commissioners also suggested items that they want seen on future agendas, such as fueling at the airport, how to "co-exist" with the hang gliding community and being more accommodating and welcoming of visitors flying into the airport.

As with any new municipal board or commission, Airport Commissions need to be fully aware that their role is advisory in nature. You do not make decisions. You offer recommendations to the council. During Monday's meeting, Vice Chairman Larry Minch asked staff what the procedure is for getting commission recommendations implemented. City Manager Brian Mickelsen gave a diplomatic response to Minch's question.

Here's a more blunt version of Mickelsen's re-sponse: There is no procedure for implementation of board/commission recommendations to the city council. The buck stops with the members of the city council. They will do what they want with such recommendations when they see fit. They were not elected to be rubber stamps for the city staff or the boards and commissions that serve at the pleasure of the council.

It's best for members of the Airport Commission to consider their recommendations to the city council much like a prayer.

God answers our prayers. It's just that sometimes He says no, or not yet.

You better learn to live with the answer.

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