Wed, June 26

Iraq War has nothing to do with terrorism


The Iraq War has nothing to do with terrorism. The American Military Command in Iraq know this well. They know that this phony "war' can't be won unless this counterfeit "surge' embraces ALL our military might. The America public were brain washed into thinking that WMD's were in the hands of Iraqi terrorists and may be used against us immediately! That has been disproved many times over. Worse, government officials knew this to be false as they made the claim. As the "political correct' war progressed, and it turned into a disaster for American troops, President Bush announced that a secret weapon would be employed. That secret weapon' turned out to be just another call for more troops: "code word surge"! I'll bet that sent the "terrorists' rolling in the trenches! One rule of war is that once the enemy indicates their intentions, they have no rights. Not in this war! We have went so far as to grant captured prisoners access to American courts! The same terrorists that have killed and tortured American Soldiers can now take their grievances to American courts and be protected by a Federal Judge! American Commanders know that the only way to win any war is to destroy the enemy with massive retaliation. Thousands will be killed! WE don't do that. We are civilized! Ask the Texas Waco victims. Instead we exploit the lives of American soldiers and fight door to door on territory that the enemy knows well. A formula for failure.

Then what is the role of the American Command in Iraq: To retire as soon as possible! Obey the party line and go along with what ever their Commander in Chief dictates or perish. They are more politicians than soldiers. What the President dictates is what his advisers deem appropriate to win elections. They cannot win or lose the war; just prolong it until 2008! That is the purpose of the troop "surge'.

The fighting Army, the enlisted men, are the martyrs carried off the battle field in coffins. So what if some hapless corn fed virgin from Ohio is ground up in this charade. It is for a good cause. ... well isn't it? Six weeks of basic training and armed with a GED diploma; they are deemed psychoanalysts; then sent into battle to win over the locals! Risk ones life to replace one tyrant with another, while the "locals' are positioning and plotting to ambush your squad. That is the real tragedy in Iraq.

Progress? Terrorists are taken out only to be replaced from a bottomless well of suicide bombers. Who are the terrorists in Iraq? Our interference in the internal affairs of Iraq, a nation that could be destroyed, in seconds, if we were really threatened, created a civil war. That civil war revealed the true identity of terrorists: the butcher, the baker and the bomb maker. THEY are their own worse enemy! Murder and chaos has been the Iraqi bloody history since the era of Mesopotamia; conquered by nine different empires including Alexander the Great and now. George Bush the Emancipator! Why should he be trusted any more than those past conquerors?

The Iraq war is our greatest attempt to contain terrorism and I repeat our efforts are not directed to defeat terrorism in Iraq! What will remain of Iraq will be a scorched, murderous State, governed by another tyrant, ruled by the laws of Sharia and NOW 30 million seeking revenge for the chaos coerced on them. The exact opposite of President Bush's original intention; whatever that was.

If Americans really had control of their government there would not have been a Korean War; Vietnam War; Somalia Tragedy or Iraqi War and the lives of 55,000 young men wasted. Your government, itself a weapon of mass destruction, killed them, disavowed their involvement and walked away unscathed.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent - Thomas Jefferson

Thomas McCabe