Tue, July 16

Crime/Emergency Services

Wildfire burns on freeway

A brush fire at the side of Interstate 17 Tuesday afternoon had the potential to be much worse and get out of control, but it was reigned in by fire crews Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District and the Coconino Forest.

The fire fighters were called to the blaze on a steep embankment near the Stoneman Lake Interchange at 3:15 p.m.

Montezuma-Rimrock Chief Mike Van Dyke said the fire burned 30 feet down an embankment and then raced up a neighboring hill.

Van Dyke said, fortunately, conditions are not yet dry enough to burn hot and fast, even though a "good wind was blowing" during the fire.

He says the blaze had the potential to "really take off." The wild fire destroyed 100 yards of guardrail that lined the road and scorched up to four acres of open land.

Investigators have not determined a cause.

Beaver Creek motorcycle accident

A helicopter was needed to fly an accident victim to the hospital Wednesday night after a one-vehicle accident.

Montezuma-Rimrock Fire was called out on a rescue when a motorcycle went down on Beaver Creek Road. The accident was reported about 8:30 on a curve about one mile west of the Interstate.

The fire district says the biker was headed toward Lake Montezuma when he lost control of his motorcycle and was thrown off against an embankment.

The fire chief says injuries were serious enough that a helicopter was summoned for transport to the hospital.

Guardian Air airlifted the patient to the Flagstaff Medical Center for treatment.

How did that leafy green get in my pocket?

A Camp Verde deputy pulled over a vehicle Wednesday afternoon, when the driver failed to turn off his turn signal and drifted repeatedly over the white fog line.

During a voluntary search of Dan Zellner, 45, the officer noticed a medium to large item inside a front pocket, which Zellner could not identify. The officer found that the bulge included small miscellaneous tools (drill bits, etc.) and a clear plastic baggie with a green leafy substance that was field-tested as marijuana. Zellner said "no," he did not know how it got in his pants pocket.

A detective, searching the car, located a small silver spoon, commonly used for drugs and two "white pills" that were identified as prescription-only drugs. The detective also located a black lighter and a clear plastic baggie with some white powder. All items were found in a large black belonging to passenger Linda Barnett, 46.

Zellner was charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. Barnett was charged with possession of prescription drugs and paraphernalia.

DUI with child onboard

A Camp Verde woman was charged with felony DUI when she tested for depressants in her system while driving with her 6-year old son.

The vehicle was stopped on Arizona 260 when an officer noticed that the car crossed over into the inside east bound lane then cross back over into the outside east bound lane three times in less then an eighth of a mile.

Driver Kimberly J. Moore, 28, failed to pull over immediately when the officer turned on his emergency lights, appeared not to notice the officer at her window and was slow to answer questions.

The officers said that the woman showed all six clues during a sobriety test and a drug-recognition officer believed the woman was impaired with a central nervous system depressant. That determination was confirmed by a urine test that showed the presence of "OP13."

Moore was arrested on a charge of aggravated DUI because the youngster was in the car at the time.

Alleged drug dealers arrested

PANT officers and Cottonwood Police arrested two subjects Wednesday on numerous drug charges. The officers were looking for Krystal Schlup for outstanding felony charges. She was located at an apartment complex in Cottonwood, accompanied by a Shawn Kyle.

Because Kyle has a lengthy criminal record, officers initiated a high-risk traffic stop on the vehicle. Police say that Kyle refused to heed commands and fled on foot. He was finally stopped by police dog "Vendo" when he ran into the back yard of a home.

Kyle was searched and found to be carrying about four ounces of marijuana packaged for sale, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia. PANT Sgt. Randy Moffitt said Kyle was also heavily armed with numerous concealed knives.

Kyle is already facing numerous pending charges. New offenses Wednesday include resisting arrest, conspiracy to sell methamphetamine and marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, possession of a weapon during a drug offense and being a prohibited weapon possessor, burglary in the first degree and possession of a prescription-only drug.

Krystal Schlup was booked for Conspiracy to sell dangerous Drugs and marijuana, possession of marijuana and dangerous drugs and possession of paraphernalia.