Thu, July 18

$100 Million Man
Personal attention equals success for local realtor Phil Moyer

In the 22 years of selling real estate in the Verde Valley, Phil Moyer has learned that being a successful agent means maintaining a high interest in the people, caring to help them and having fun with the job.

Actually, he learned a lot of that early in his real estate career.

When he first got into the business he took note of a colleague Sally Lerette, who seemed to always have a carload full of clients.

"I was so amazed by her," he said. "Maybe I was too much business. I kept analyzing why she was making so much money and I was not. It was because of her interest in people. She really seemed to like the people and have fun. I really like people, and that's all it takes to be successful."

Moyer began learning the art of working with people well before real estate ‹ working with people like Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, Producer Burt Sugarman and many others. Moyer is not only a successful real estate agent, he is also an accomplished actor, a previous award-winning sales associate and director at KUSK TV in Prescott and has built up and sold a thriving manufacturing business.

His acting and filmmaking career began at Orange Coast College, Calif., in the early 70s. He was studying film.

"I got an A for my 8mm film short The Box," he said. "I didn't get too many As in college. Hollywood's non-union casting agent of the day Pearl Kempton cast me for a modeling role in a series of filmstrips being produced for Doubleday Multimedia. It paid $8 an hour. Needless to say, the acting bug hit and, of course, I moved to Hollywood to be a start and learn the movie business."

A friend and mentor Mort Fleischmann, former head of public relations for RCA, got him a job at NBC Studios-Burbank as a page ‹ giving tours of the studio. Moyer recalls a time working on the Johnny Carson Show, when he asked if he could go on air and wish his girlfriend happy birthday.

Carson called him down and made fun of him a bit, then let him say happy birthday. The girlfriend would later become his wife; 30 years later, they are still together.

He was pounding the Hollywood pavement during the day while working as a waiter at night. He quickly moved up the ranks at NBC from page to production assistant. He acted in numerous commercials, television spots and films during the 70s. He played in the film short In the Region of Ice, which won the Academy Award for best film short in 1977. He also appeared on the TV series C.H.I.P.S.

"Back then, it was hard work, but it was one of the most fun times of my life," he said.

He enjoyed the work then, as he enjoys his work now. He said he got into real estate because it "just seemed like something I could do."

And his efforts are appreciated.

Although Broker Dan Mabery of Coldwell Banker-Mabery Real Estate admits to knowing little about Moyer's acting achievements, he does know much about his real estate accomplishments, as he has been associated with Mabery in the real estate profession for more than two decades.

"And when I say accomplishments, I mean this more in addressing his integrity, ethics and attitudes in doing what he says he will do and treating his clients right," Mabery said. "Countless times he has gone above and beyond to ensure that whoever he was representing was getting a fair deal. I know that when he represents a property, he goes to great lengths to make sure that the details of the property are known to him, that the owner receives the best advice possible and that his promotions of the property are professional, widespread and accurate."

Moyer has sold more than $100 million of creek, river and ranch properties in the Sedona-Verde Valley area. He has been with Coldwell Banker Mabery Real Estate for 22 years and appreciates the working environment.

"The cool thing about our office, it's like family," he said. "We look out for each other and that's the way you beat it in this industry."

From film to real estate, Moyer continues to make his impression on people.

"Because of his many attributes as a person, he has enjoyed incredible success in the real estate business," Mabery said. "He can boast a large, loyal following of clientele and certainly my admiration as his broker. Phil has led our company in sales many of the years he has been here and I am proud to have him represent our name in the Verde Valley and Sedona."