Wed, Jan. 29

MUHS renovation work will start in April
Gym, locker rooms and electrical all in phase one

Just about everyone involved in the renovation of Mingus Union High School met Wednesday to start firming up schedules for phase one.

"We have an incredibly aggressive construction schedule," Sharyl Allen, district superintendent, told the group. "That schedule is really, really tight."

Scheduling is critical because electric service must be turned off for about three weeks while the new service is installed. In addition, parts of the building must be closed, such as the gymnasium, during different phases of the renovation.

The project is divided into three phases. Phase one includes work in the large and small gymnasiums, the boys and girls locker rooms and the new electrical service.

Phase two will include work in the auditorium, library, bathrooms and many classrooms. Phase three, depending on how much money from the voter-approved $15 million bond is left over, will include work on the football field, track and teachers' workroom. "That's always been 'if there's enough funds,'" Allen said.

Although the necessary permits have not been obtained yet from the City of Cottonwood or the fire marshal's office, construction work in phase one will begin in April. "Our hope is to have a permit within two weeks," said Reynold Radoccia, the project architect.

During discussion among the administration, APS, the architect and contractor, the shut-off schedule for the electric service was set for July 16 through Aug. 4. "I'll put that date out to folks," Allen said. She said staff would be scheduling around those dates.

Before the work reaches the electrical upgrade, work on the gymnasiums will begin. The big gym will be vacated and closed to activities from April 16 to Aug. 1. Part of the work includes new bleachers and refinishing the floor.

That schedule is based on the belief that the gym floor only needs to be refinished and not replaced. A representative for the contractor said that if it turns out that the floor must be replaced the time frame "is out the door."

The small gym will be closed during June and July.

The gymnasiums and locker rooms will be ready for a grand opening Aug. 9 for the scheduled governing board meeting.

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