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Hectic schedule keeps golf team busy
Camp Verde getting better with busy first half schedule

The Camp Verde golf team has had a hectic schedule so far this season. The Cowboys have taken on teams such as Sedona, American Heritage, Williams and St. Paul's.

The Cowboys have already competed in seven golf matches and headed into another match against Holbrook on Tuesday at Beaver Creek Golf Course.

Coach Steve Stone has 11 players on his team this year.

Sophomore Ray Valencia leads the pack in the No. 1 spot and can score in the 70s. Junior Ben Hauser isn't too far behind in the No. 2 spot and averages in the mid 80s.

This year's team is filled with a lot of freshmen and sophomores. The youth is going to be a great basis for the team to grow.

"Kyle Ligon plays on varsity and his skills are improving every game," said Coach Steve Stone. Zeb Dickinson is a third-year golfer who has come in handy when the team has needed him.

Taylor Hammond, a junior, is showing some promise as a first year golfer with a natural swing. Coach Stone sees Hammond as being a great asset to the team.

Sophomore Shawn Kilby is a new golfer as well. He has worked hard and will become a good golfer himself.

Zach Parsons, another sophomore, has an "awesome" swing, says coach Stone. He is freshly acquired from baseball. He will help the tam out come regionals and state playoff time.

Jason Riley, Chris Kulcher and Bryan Buysse are all new to the game of golf and are making strides in their skill as well as learning the game more every day.

Kameron Zale is a rookie golfer who is really learning the game. "He is hungry to do better every day," said coach Stone.

Rounding out the Camp Verde golf team is the only girl on the team, Amanda Bleak. "She has a great swing and has gotten better every week," said coach Stone.

The Cowboys' final home match, at Beaver Creek Golf Course, is on April 5.

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