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Impact fees developing in Clarkdale

The Clarkdale Town Council adopted a Notice of Intent Tuesday to assess impact fees.

Proposed total fees on civic facilities, library, parks, police, water and wastewater -- with a 5/8-inch meter size -- come to $10,987 per residential, single-family dwelling.

A public hearing is scheduled for July 10 at 6 p.m. at Yavapai College, 601 Black Hills Drive, room M137 to discuss the fees.

Fees rise significantly depending on the size of water meter. For single-family units using a 1-inch meter, the total fee, including civic facilities, library, parks, police, water and wastewater, is $17,148. However, if the customer is using a 1-inch meter to service a mandated fire sprinkler system, that customer would only be charged for a 5/8-inch meter fee.

Impact fees on just water and wastewater for an 8-inch meter total $328,575.

Also included in the Notice of Intent are the proposed commercial impact fees. Proposed fees are $560 per 1,000 square feet of commercial development -- $400 per 1,000 square feet of industrial.

If the residential fees are implemented as proposed, they would be the highest in the Verde Valley. The City of Sedona has the highest nonresidential fees in the area.

According to the Camp Verde Community Development Department, impact fees for a single-family residential dwelling are $2,627. Fees are a little lower if the dwelling is a manufactured home. These fees were approved by voters in the March Primary Election.

Nonresidential impact fees in Camp Verde range from $89 per bed for a nursing home up to $1,648, total, for a shopping center that is 25,000 square feet or less.

In Sedona, impact fees for a single-family detached residence total $8,589, with possible additional fees for storm drainage. Storm drainage fees are determined by where the unit is to be located. The most expensive storm-drainage fee is $2,626 if the unit is in Dry Creek Wash, in an area listed as very low density. This fee, added to the regular total development fee, would be more than Clarkdale's total fees; however, the majority of storm drainage fees in Sedona range from $0 to $768.

The nonresidential impact fees in Sedona are significantly higher than Camp Verde's fees or Clarkdale's proposed fees. Sedona charges $0.98 per square foot to $10.20 per square foot depending on the nonresidential development.

Sedona's fees went into effect April 1.

Cottonwood and Jerome do not have impact fees. Cottonwood does charge $1,500 to connect a new residence to the municipal sewer system. This fee could rise, according to the community development department.

According to a staff report from Clarkdale Community Development Director Sherry Bailey, "The study to identify and define development fees that are fair, while addressing the impacts of new development on the community's ability to provide services, has been long and difficult."

According to the Clarkdale Community Development Department, the timeline for adopting municipal development fees in Clarkdale are as follows:

• July 10 -- Public hearing at Yavapai College

• July 24 -- Council adopts development fees

• Oct. 24 -- Development fees become effective

The Town Council also discussed adding street impact fees Tuesday. No action was taken. If streets were added to the impact fee mix, they are proposed to cost a future homebuilder in Clarkdale an additional $1,019 per single-family unit.

Clarkdale's single-family impact fees per unit are proposed to increase the larger the meter size. The majority of impact fees in Sedona for a single-family unit are under $9,358.

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