Fri, Oct. 18

Jerome considerscouncil stipend

The Jerome Town Council gave direction Tuesday night to staff to prepare an ordinance that would allow council members to be paid.

An agenda item called for discussion and possible action on Resolution 452, which would have allowed council members to receive a $50 per month stipend.

But the council's attorney stopped action on the agenda item before it got started. "You can't increase your salary or compensation by resolution," she said.

She told the council that the town code prohibits compensation for the mayor or council members.

"You must first change your code," Smiley said.

Smiley said that after the code is changed, then the council could adopt a resolution determining how much council members could be paid.

She said this council cannot give itself compensation, so it would be amending the code and passing a resolution for the next elected council.

An ordinance to change town code would have to be advertised and go through two readings in two public hearings.

"I think it is a good idea," Vice Mayor Jane Moore said.

"I would like to see the mayor get $100 instead of just $50," Gil Robinson, councilman, said.

If the code is amended to allow compensation for council members, and if the council passes a resolution setting the amount at $50 per member per month, each member would receive $1,200 per year. The total compensation for the council per year would be $3,000.

During discussion it was pointed out that most cities and towns do pay their mayors and council members some compensation.

Following discussion, the council directed staff to proceed with developing an amendment to the town code.

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