Tue, July 16

Verde Valley featured on German broadcast
Broadcast taped at Mile High Restaurant in Jerome

Jerome and the entire Verde Valley will be broadcast this week on German radio. "It's the biggest radio network in Germany," said Tom Pitts, president of the Jerome Chamber of Commerce and member of the Sedona and Verde Valley Tourism Council.

On April 18, Rüediger Edelman taped an interview at the Mile High Restaurant in Jerome. Earlier, he had toured much of Jerome and Sedona and the Verde Valley. Pitts said the broadcast will cover the entire area.

"He has a three-hour travel show each Saturday," Pitts said. It is broadcast throughout Germany plus a satellite broadcast throughout Europe with a live streaming Internet show that can be seen at

Pitts said Edelman's show, hr4-Freizeit, has 980,000 listeners. Although Pitts didn't know the exact date the show is to be broadcast, he knew it was scheduled around the end of May.

"My understanding is that the whole show is going to be on the Verde Valley," Pitts said.

While in Jerome, Edelman toured the area, including the Jerome Historical Society's recently renovated Mine Museum. He also toured many of the area's historical buildings and homes.

"Number one," Pitts said, "he was interested in the cultural history." He was interested in what and who was here before the Europeans came.

Edelman did a three-hour interview at the restaurant in Jerome. He also took many still photos while touring the area, according to Pitts.

Pitts said Edelman became aware of Jerome and the Verde Valley and planned a trip here through the efforts of the Tourism Council, made up of representatives from Chambers of Commerce in Jerome, Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Camp Verde and Sedona.

"The tourism council does a lot of work in Germany," Pitts said. "We all work together."

"That was one of the home runs for the area," Pitts said.

He said the Tourism Council has been working very hard on Germany during the last four years and will now be putting a lot of effort into Japan.