Thu, Nov. 14

It depends on whose ox is being gored


In his latest rant against the "liberal" press, Jim Barber has shown a new level of delusionalism. He rebuts nine points from a previous writer. Mr. Barber is attempting to show us that the "liberal" media is responsible for distorting facts relating to anything that makes the Bush administration look bad. The Bush administration does not need anyone's help to look bad. This is the most arrogant, inept, incompetent and uncompassionate administration in our Country's history. Mr. Barber's facts could stand a fact check:

1. The failure to pay attention to intelligence warning of potential attacks prior to 9/11.

Mr. Barber excused this stating "Mr. Bush was barely in office eight months at the time of the 9/11 atrocities". This from the 9/11 report: "In the months before the Sept. 11 attacks, federal aviation officials reviewed dozens of intelligence reports that warned about Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, some of which specifically discussed airline hijackings and suicide operations". That was from the 9/11 commission, not the "liberal" media. How much time does Bush need to step up to the plate?

2. The false pretense used to take us into war with Iraq.

This one is the most obtuse, convoluted thinking I have read since Ann Coulter. Mr. Barber states: "Desert Storm ended with a truce so that the present conflict is a continuation of that conflict." The Bush administration hasn't even thought of that one. "OK, guys, forget about trying to justify the war based on WMD's. This is the war the other Bush started. That time in between was just a time out; no, it was halftime. We were in halftime!" Do you lie awake at night trying to figure out how to take the spotlight off the real reason for the ill-advised attack on Iraq? This is so far out in left field it is hard to comment on.

3. The poor decisions that doomed our occupation of Iraq.

Finally a glimmer or truth. Poor planning that finally sacked one of the architects of the fiasco, Don Rumsfeld. Poor planning that has cost us dearly in lives, money, and respect in the world. Poor planning that has left us with a Vietnam-like quagmire. Poor planning that has frustrated the American people and given Bush the lowest approval rating of any president in recent memory. Poor planning still a feature of this failed war by not having a clear exit strategy.

4. Failure to provide proper body armor and armored vehicles.

Here Mr. Barber blames the Democrats for demanding "massive reductions in our armed forces." The truth is the armed forces were increased between the Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq; during our "halftime". Again Mr. Barber got the facts wrong.

5. The corruption of private contractors.

Mr. Barber justifies this by stating, "bribery is an accepted way of doing business in the Middle East." To the no-bid winners of large defense contracts it seems to be the only way to do business.

6. Torture, secret prisons, renditions.

Mr. Barber lists the usual suspects, i.e. water boarding, sleep deprivation, etc. as though he knows what techniques are being practiced; he doesn't, we don't; only Bush and his cohorts know, but we can read between the lines when Bush states "we don't torture," (wink, wink).

7. The failed response to Katrina.

Don't bother to read the "liberal" media, just listen to the new FEMA officials. They are stepping all over themselves to distance their new officials from the last. They know FEMA failed New Orleans, and are desperate to make sure they look good.

8. The failure to secure our borders.

What progress did the Bush administration make in securing the border when it held control of the Senate and the House? None. But again Mr. Barber blames the Democrats.

9. The outing of a "covert" CIA agent.

Just another of the dirty tricks and sleazy politics of Dick Cheney. Whether or not Valerie Plame was in the field or not is not the issue. The mean-spirited attitude of this Administration is very tiresome and very divisive.

Mr. Barber would like us to believe all the media is biased in a liberal direction. I guess it depends on whose ox is being gored. But you don't do yourself a service, Mr. Barber, by substituting your bias for that which you so righteously criticize. Stop watching NBC, CBS, CNN and the others you consider "liberal"; turn on FOX. They are biased in the other direction.

Bob Burke


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