Fri, Jan. 24

Cowboys drop game vs. No. 1 Scottsdale
Damien Baca and Michael Toth suffer ankle injuries in loss

The first quarter was too much to overcome for the Camp Verde football team as they lost the ball to a fumble and interception that resulted in a 16-0 score. The Cowboys tried to battle back, but lost two players in the first half and eventually lost, 35-12.

The Cowboys didn't get a break against the Scottsdale Christian Eagles Friday night. On their first play in their first possession, the Cowboys fumbled the ball. The Eagles recovered it inside the Cowboys' 20-yard line and scored a few plays later to go up 8-0.

On their next possession, quarterback Mike Boler's pass found its way into an Eagle's hands. The Eagles capitalized on the short field again and went up 16-0 to end the first quarter.

Starting guard, Michael Toth suffered an ankle sprain in the first quarter, which put the Cowboys' offensive line a bit weaker as the Camp Verde bench isn't that deep.

In the second quarter, the Cowboys finally found pay-dirt on a 4-yard run by Damien Baca to bring the score to 16-6. The Eagles equaled that effort and scored another touchdown to make it 22-6.

Toward the end of the second quarter, Baca suffered an ankle injury as well and took a lot of steam out of the Cowboys' offense. The score at the half remained 22-6.

Scottsdale Christian, despite being the best team in the 2A and No. 4 in the Powerpoints still wasn't able to walk over the Cowboys despite being bigger and stronger at the line.

In the third quarter, Scottsdale scored another touchdown to make it 28-6. William Trahin was placed in positions he didn't normally play but really stepped things up with the absence of Baca.

The Cowboys battled and battled, making into the end zone twice on the next possession, but each time it was called back by penalties.

The Cowboys then held Scottsdale to only that one touchdown in the third quarter. In the fourth, trailing 28-6, Trahin fielded the punt and ran it back 52 yards for the Cowboys' second touchdown of the night for a score of 28-12. Scottsdale answered back one more time with 14-seconds left on the clock with another touchdown, which made the final score 35-12.

With the ball back, the Cowboys just took a knee and let the time tick off the clock to end the game.

"We didn't have the ball that much," said coach Luke Steege. "But when we did, we moved it effectively."

Trahin and Seth Mosley stepped things up and helped the Cowboys stay in the game. Brendan Nelson had a few great catches for the extra yardage to threaten the Eagles.

"We couldn't get a rhythm going," said coach Steege. "We're not very big, we're not going to man-handle anyone."

The Cowboys, a young team, will have to hit the weights in the off-season if they want to compete against the big and strong teams in the 2A Central.

In the mean time, the Cowboys continue to face region foes. Next Friday, the Cowboys face off against Canyon State at home for Senior Night.

The Cowboys drop to 3-5 overall and 1-2 in conference while Scottsdale Christian improves to 6-1 overall and 3-0 to lead the 2A Central Region.

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