Fri, July 19

Local doctor releases natural health book

Mark E. Laursen, MD, a local medical doctor graduate from the University of Iowa (1982) with holistic board certification and naturalistic training, has released his first book entitled Start Living Stop Dying - 10 Steps to Natural Health. Edited by nationally recognized Judith Kern, a senior health editor in New York City, in his book Dr. Laursen describes the 10 steps people must consider to regain or maintain their natural health.

In his book, Start Living Stop Dying - 10 Steps to Natural Health, Dr. Laursen addresses all aspects of healthy living with an emphasis on healing the emotional part of you that is vital to health, well-being and disease prevention. Dr. Laursen covers in his book why some of the "health" foods being recommended today may actually be damaging your health. In his book he also talks about the "prescription addiction," the epic health crisis in America and how to naturally get off prescription drugs. Dr. Laursen believes that when people are following the 10 steps, they can often look, feel and be 20 years younger than their chronological age.

Dr. Laursen has a medical practice located at 291 S. Willard Street, Suite 101, in Cottonwood, at the Verde Valley Wellness Center. He sees patients on an individualized holistic basis with a particular emphasis on regaining healthy weight. He often sees patients in mid-life who are in need of a complete life and health analysis.

Dr. Laursen will have a second book released in November 2007, called The Inside-Out Diet. He describes this book as "More than the best diet book ever," and is edited by top 10 author and Editor Constance DeSwaan also of New York City.

His first book Start Living Stop Dying - 10 Steps to Natural Health can be purchased now at his office (928)649-1860 .

or shortly on the web at