Sun, Oct. 20

Bush's record speaks for itself


Once again, I must comment on Mr. Barber's last letter to the editor. First, Mr. Barber, my statement was not, "the media has not done nearly enough to THWART the Bush Administration." Your choice of the word thwart changes the meaning of my words. I said, "the media has not done enough to EXPOSE Bush and his administration for their constant lies, misrepresentations and manipulations."

Then there's your familiar complaint about the liberal media, television, newspapers, etc. Why don't you give that same old complaint a rest? The poor Republicans! Poor Bush and the administration! They just can't seem to get a break! Maybe everyone should get their "crying towels" out for this maligned group.

Poor Katie Couric. Her reports on successes of Bush are buried in the news sections. Well, if Katie Couric says it's true it must be so. We know how her credentials stack up against all the other journalists. Truthfully, Katie Couric is just a newsperson who reads the news given to her. Since when did she become an "investigative reporter?" How do we know she wasn't just given the so-called facts which she dispersed, thus becoming a "shill" for the Bush administration?

As for Bush's diplomacy in the Middle East and Korea, etc. I ask one question. Why didn't he try his diplomacy in Iraq before marching us into war?

The answer is it was his intent to go to war with Iraq regardless of the facts. (No WMD's, no uranium purchases, no tie between Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were found).

Let's look at Bush's approval rating, Mr. Barber. Seventy-six percent of Americans disapprove of the president and his policies. That's an awful lot of "liberals" as I'm sure your going to say. Arizona probably represents a good part of the remaining twenty 4 percent who approve of "King George." Fortunately, Arizona is not the microcosm of the United States and there are many other states where people see through the "smokescreen" of Bush and his administration's practices.

Now let's talk about some more recent fiascos of Mr. Bush. All these "conservative" Republicans are so concerned about stem cell research and the protection of human fetuses. This concern, however, seems to disappear when those fetuses turn into human beings. For example, Bush vetoes the Schip program, which would have given 10 million children some insurance protection. His excuse that it would cost $7 billion pales by comparison to the $46 billion more spent for the war than originally asked for, bringing the total to 196.4 billion dollars. What a hypocrite!

I would also like to ask the religious conservatives how they support a president who calls himself a Christian, yet he lies, is deceitful and manipulative, is anti-environment, lacks compassion for the "less fortunate" just to name a few of his ideologies. Are we not our brother's keeper? Maybe instead of being so self-righteous you should search your souls as to why you support this president.

Here's another gem for which Democrats are just as guilty as Republicans. Bush wanted blanket immunity for the large telecom companies who were wire-tapping American citizens under the guise of national security. I would like to know, if everything they (the telecommunications companies) were doing was legal, why would they be looking for blanket immunity?

One good thing that will be coming soon is a book by Valerie Plame Wilson, whose CIA identity was leaked by Scooter Libby. This was in retaliation for Wilson's husband (former Ambassador Joe Wilson) disproving the claim of the White House of the purchase of uranium in Niger by Saddam Hussein. Of course, after being found guilty of false statements, perjury and obstruction of justice, Bush commuted his sentence. Funny how conservatives claim to be for law and order. Too bad the real culprit, Cheney, who told Libby about Valerie's CIA connection wasn't the one put on trial.

I think it's pretty clear that Mr. Barber and I would continue to contradict each other for a lifetime. This really serves no useful purpose since neither one of us are in Congress or running for office. It sure would be nice to see other people's opinions in these editorials for a change.

In parting, I say this to Mr. Barber -- sooner or later the truth surfaces, no matter how you try to bury it. I'm retiring my comments and pass the ball to others who I hope will be as concerned about the future of our country as I am.

J. Bauer


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