Fri, Dec. 06

Clarkdale council approves new building fee schedule

The Clarkdale Town Council unanimously adopted a new schedule of building permit fees Tuesday night during special session. Resolution 1248 replaces Resolution 1209 as the table for permit fees. The resolution also adopts a valuation schedule for determining building permits and plan check fees.

Fees for new construction will be figured using a formula called the Building Valuation Data Square Foot Construction Costs published by the International Code Council. Under that formula, the minimum cost for a permit for a new one- or two-family dwelling will be $600.

Actual costs or estimated costs of a project will be used to determine permit cost for remodeling or add-on projects. Anyone starting a project without first obtaining the proper permits will be subject to either a $200 fee or 100 percent of the building permit fee, whichever is greater. An exception would be emergency work that occurred while Town Hall offices are closed.

The new resolution also sets fees for demolition and grading projects. Electrical or plumbing work done to existing structures also are subject to permit fees.

Grant application

approved by Clarkdale

The Clarkdale council approved having staff apply for a grant through Preserve America, a White House initiative to encourage preservation of America's cultural and natural heritage.

If approved, the grant would be used for signs, flags, banners and promotional materials in Clarkdale's Historic District. The district covers an area from the smelter site to the grade school, including the entire Historic Town site and the town's government complex.

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