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Evolution is the intent of God Almighty


Why shouldn't we believe that evolution is the intent of God Almighty? This is not obscuring the fact that God created the human species. Are we not questioning the almighty powers of God if we don't accept that God also created evolution!

We can still believe that man was created by "the result of blind mutations and natural selections as claimed by Darwin" but still believe that God created man. Most religions teach that God or the Almighty or some deity created man but the resistance of man still persists in questioning our origin.

Believing in evolution does not preclude that God created man. Believing in evolution, in fact, reinforces the belief that man was created by some Almighty power alluded to in mythology and secular doctrine. Evolution also explains the frailties of man in all its aspects: disease, mental disorders and ethnicity.

If we dismiss the evolution of man evolving synchronal with the animal kingdom then do we dismiss the evolution of animals? Is that scientific evidence also dismissed? Man is certainly the more intelligent of all bipedal primates but also the most cunning, ruthless and murderous.

Do we consider all forms of life in the food chain as our inferior and ignore the biological wonders of nature that God created in the 4.7 billion years since the earth was created? Scientists believe that 2.7 billion years ago the nitrogen/oxygen ratio could support life and that some form of life was present in that biosphere one billion years ago. As late as 3.7 million years ago primates shared traits with homo genus.

Anthropologists discovered a pre-historic five finger hominid footprint of a primate 'Australopithecus' in Tasmania closely resembling that of man. Gracile Australopithecines shared several traits with modern apes and humans and were widespread throughout Eastern and Southern Africa. (Wikipedia) Chimpanzees and man share 98.4 percent of the same DNA sequence! It would seem plausible that at some point in time DNA was altered and primates followed alternate routes. Homo Genus species is considered the first branch of modern man that evolved 130,000 years ago anatomically correct.

Is the missing link in animals or man? Man has cataloged thousands of extinct species that are closely related to each other by nature and DNA. Were they simultaneously created and then died by some catastrophic event? Apparently there is evidence that through the ages some survived and some didn't. If we can proceed on the theory that the animal and insect world evolved through the millenniums; then why should we be so vain to think that we didn't and it is the Almighty's will that we did?

If we proceed, basing our supposition on the 'intelligent creation' of man, then should not every man be a clone of the next and every man perfect? Adam and Eve were created by God, each with their own DNA sequence. Cain, a child of their union, inherited the original DNA from both parents. If the original DNA was passed on to all homo sapiens each man is a clone of the next. They are not. Shall we reason then migration and the need for man to adapt to their environment for survival is the cause of ethnicity? If we accept that, wasn't that change made through evolution or was every ethnic group created simultaneously on all areas of the earth?

Creationists and evolutionists believe that a new life is formed by the growth and splitting of cells combining at conception; that growth determined by DNA donated from both parents. How is that gestation period described: cellular growth. It is creation; a new life is formed. Then what is evolution if it is not cellular growth? Isn't the fact that two unrelated strands of DNA can combine to create independent life enough proof that DNA can also combine to create different species, which evolve through natural selection?

In reference to "Stuff this in your evolution pipe". Rob Foreman Aug. 21, Mr. Foreman is absolutely correct: Humanity has spoken. No other primate demonstrates the most noble of virtues of compassion for his fellow man implying that evolution could not possibly account for that virtue. Humanity has spoken indeed and declared that man is the most sadistic, aggressive and ruthless being on earth and will kill their fellow man, not for survival but for greed, lust, power, jealously and yes, theological beliefs. What other primate aborts creation in the womb for few other reasons than vanity? Is this wickedness the 'unintended consequence' of Natural Selection or Intelligent Design?

Finally, if mankind survives the next millennium and there is some doubt that mankind will; the proud assertion today that man evolved from some 'lower form of life' will be moot. Advanced civilizations certainly will look in dismay that they are the descendents of a lower form of life. Perhaps hope and prayer will remedy that; evolution will certainly cause our demise!

Thomas McCabe


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