Thu, July 18

Camp Verde boys soccer team scores 1st goal in 12 seconds, beats Grand Canyon, 5-0

With cold winter rain collecting on the ground and falling hard from the sky, the Camp Verde boys soccer stayed sharp and tried to stay dry as the Cowboys defeated the visiting Grand Canyon team, 5-2 on Saturday.

The advantage of the weather went to whoever had the ball first. The Cowboys won the coin toss and within 12 seconds of the beginning of the game, Mike Wales kicked the ball off to Ryan Emery who finished it off for a quick 1-0 lead.

With the rain not letting up, the Cowboys pressed on. Wales continued to dominate at his position and about six minutes later, he found the back of the goal himself to put his team up 2-0.

Both teams played defense, but Grand Canyon was able to cut the deficit in half with a play similar to the one Camp Verde made to score early on. From midfield they got the ball past the Cowboys goalie to make it 2-1.

But scoring was still on the Cowboys' agenda. With the first half of the game winding down, Coleton Norman took the shot from the outside-mid and ripped a shot near post for the Cowboys' third goal of the half.

At halftime, the rain subsided as the scoreboard read, 3-1. As halftime was coming to and end, so was the dry weather and it started to rain again. The Cowboys continued to control the game as Wales scored the fourth and fifth Cowboy goal of the game and at the same time, earning a hat-trick in the process.

Coach Dave Miller put some of his bench players in the game, but after Grand Canyon scored their second goal, Miller put his starters back in to finish the game up with a final score of 5-2.

"We wanted to pressure them as quickly as possible," said coach Miller.

Today the Cowboys play at home against Northland Prep. The last time the Cowboys played them, about a week ago, they won 4-0, taking 42 shots on goal.

"Our goal every game is to have 30 shots on goal," said coach Miller. They will be able to go after that team goal today at 6 p.m. at Camp Verde high school.

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