Thu, Jan. 23

Letter: Break free from dependence on gasoline


Why are we wasting our time trying to save these car manufacturers that are so last century. Here is a modern forward-looking technology that is already here. These cars are being made, and sold, you can order one now. They could be offering this to America, but their not going to. Why?

I urge you to look at this website, and see all the ways, the MDI is better for America than anything we have to date.

A basic version from $3,500 = $3,500 Euro = $4,685.41 US Dollar

A more complete version from $5,300 = $5,300 Euro = $7,095.05 US Dollar

We could have a cleaner environment, an economical transportation system, (buses, trams, taxis) without having to change any of our infrastructures, (highways, traffic controls, etc.). The only thing you give up is "Gas Stations."

These types of vehicles seem to be particularly adapted for overpopulated and polluted cities.

Electric plug between 1hour 30 minutes and 4 hours 30 minutes depending on the vehicle: While parked in your garage.

Air Stations fill-up between one and three minutes depending on the vehicle: The air is compressed in tanks at the air stations using a multi-stage compressor. The stored compressed air is transferred from the air stations' tanks to the vehicle's tank).

When the vehicle is equipped with an onboard refilling system, the refilling of its tanks can be carried out by connecting them to a domestic electric plug.

The moto-alternator, (used when the vehicle is running to retrieve energy during braking and decelerations phases) drives the air engine operating in "compressor mode" to recharge the tanks.

These cars can be fitted with self-charging systems.

Unlike the huge classic assembly plants (particularly pollutant), the MDI concept offers various micro production factories throughout the world. (You could set up one right in your home town. Creating local employment.)

These plants will manufacture 80 percent of the vehicle and will sell them in the same location.

This concept represents a drastic decrease in costs and the logistic problems associated with the conventional process (stocks and freight of finished cars to the dealers etc...) and not withstanding it beneficial impact on the environment.

The principal advantages of MDI's production method are:

• Ecologic

• Better repartition of the energy necessary for production.

• No pollution caused by the transport of finished vehicles.

• Economic and social.

• Currency stays in the country, local employment.

• No population transfer from countryside to cities.

• Transfer of knowledge and knowhow.

• Quality.

• A car is produced every 30 Minutes.

• Use of techniques that are not compatible with conventional production methods.

• Marketing

• Purchase of locally manufactured cars:(government fleets, company fleets)

• Decrease in import taxes (which can be very high in some countries)


• Small facilities, easy to manage.

• Logistics drastically diminished.

• No stocks, spare parts are produced 'after time'

• The MDI concept diminishes production costs.

Check it out.

Your government/oil and banking industries are preventing you from having a safe, clean, non-polluting transportation system because of their personal greed, and their desire to hold you prisoner.

What are they going to do when people start demanding this kind of technology and all they have to offer is some kind of expensive gas or electric cars, that keep us enslaved.

Right now they are proposing to sell the VOLT for $40,000. Do you have $40,000. to buy one? Can you get a loan to buy one? Because if you can't get a loan, then you have to pay cash.

Wake up! Break free, pass this link around and cause real change to happen from the ground up.

Michael David


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