Sat, April 04


Good grief! Has any president elect in history ever gotten such massive, adoring media coverage? You would think that he has already saved the economy, brought the terrorists to their knees and the Israelis and Palistinians to the peace table. One poll even showed that 70% of their respondents think he is doing a great job. At what??? Looking presidential? Are these the same people who voted for him but when polled couldn't name one of his policies, or even who his vice-president will be?

The man has a major scandal on his hands and has yet to take the oath of office. His chief of staff may be hip-deep in the middle of the problem and, if so, will probably step down before the inauguration. One good thing. The president-elect's own investigation of his own staff has found that everyone is squeeky clean. What a shocker, huh? I guess Patrick Fitzgerald might as well pack up and go home. It's too bad that ex-congressman "Cold Cash" Jefferson (D-La) didn't investigate himself. Had he done so, and cleared his own name, Louisianna voters might have returned him to office once again. Or Senator Stevens (R-Ak) might not be going to jail had he just cleared himself. The swooning media has accepted without question, and quote the results frequently, the findings of Mr. Obama's investigation. I, for one, will wait for Mr. Fitzgerald to come forth. It never hurts to get two sides of the story.

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