Fri, Oct. 18

Letter: This dog day afternoon a lousy state of affairs


It was the morning after Christmas and I took my dog Maggie Jo down to the Cottonwood dog park. I enjoyed watching her romp around with all the other dogs and was feeling very happy to be giving her a good life as a member of our family. She gets fed good food, regular check ups with the vet and has a warm bed to sleep in next to mine every night.

I left the dog park and was driving into town and just before Circle K I saw this female dog in the road, she was limping and turning in circles as if she was dazed and hurt. I stopped to see if I could help. I was not sure if she was hit by a car or running away from home.

Before I could get to her in the middle of the road a man came out from a nearby house. He grabbed the dog by a collar and began dragging her across the street. He was not gentle in any fashion and he was holding one of her puppies in his other arm. I yelled to him that I felt the dog needed medical attention and something was wrong with her.

He was angry with me and tried to "shut me up" as he was in quite a hurry and other dogs began to run out from his fenced property. The dogs that I saw (especially the wounded one) looked very under-fed. I could see ribs very defined. I became very aware as I was calling the police that there are some people out there that do not care for dogs and cats as they should. There are people out there who leave them on a chain in the cold through the night and pay no attention to them.

This is so sad to me and I realize how unkind people can be. Please, if you see an animal neglected and abused, call it in. Be the voice for those who don't have the voice to call for help. I don't know what has happened after I called and spoke with the police but I do hope all of those dogs find a new home where they are a part of the family.

Kristin Warner


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