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Sales tax revenues down in state, Verde Valley
Sedona only VV town up for November collections

Except for Sedona, November sales tax figures for communities in the Verde Valley are down from last year. That reflects what is going on with Arizona revenue collections.

Arizona revenue for November was $83 million below what had been projected when the legislature adopted its $10.6 billion budget. For the year, Arizona is below projections by more than $310 million.

For total November sales tax revenue, Sedona is the only bright spot in the Verde Valley. Sedona collected a total of $1,361,830 in sales tax for November, up $30,615 from the same month last year. But retail sale tax in Sedona was down $5,923 from last year. In '06-07, Sedona took in $341,612 in retail taxes but dropped to $335,689 for the current fiscal year.

Jerome was the only Verde Valley town to increase its retail sale tax collections from last year. Jerome took in $23,105 this year, up from the $22,670 collected in '06-07. But Jerome's overall sales tax collections were down for November by $11,449 from last year, dropping from $65,086 to $53,637.

Camp Verde posted a negative $3,672 for November's retail tax revenue. The town took in $78,219 last year in the retail category.

"That's a negative in retail trade only," said Lisa Elliott, an accountant with the town's finance department. She said the state has not notified her of any refunds due to an audit.

Karen Vancheieri with the Arizona Department of Revenue said she doesn't know why Camp Verde showed a negative figure for retail collections. She said it could be from an amended report or an audit.

Without the drop in retail sales, Camp Verde might have gone positive for overall sales tax collections for November. The town took in a total of $136,536 compared with last year's $191,969 total. The difference of $61,434 is less than the town's average monthly retail collections so far this year.

Cottonwood is down in overall tax collections as well as in the retail category. Retail collections for this November were $496,584, down $21,377 from last year's retail figure of $517,961.

Overall sales tax revenue for Cottonwood was down only $1,926 from last year's November figure of $799,826.

Clarkdale almost held even with last year's retail collections with $4,421, down less than $600 from November's figure of $5,018 for the '06-07 fiscal year. An overall November sales tax revenue of $88,127 for the town was down $9,229 from last year's $97,356.

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