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Mixed signals in April sales tax
Clarkdale suffers biggest percentage drop in Verde Valley

Compared with April figures for 2007, sales tax collections in the Verde Valley and Sedona are mixed for April this year. Except for Clarkdale, all communities in the Verde Valley are up in at least one category and down in another. The categories compared are retail sales tax collections and total sales tax collections. Jerome is up slightly in both.

Clarkdale is down in both. Much of the drop in sales tax revenue for Clarkdale has to do with the downturn in the real estate market. Mountain Gate, a major subdivision project, went bankrupt, and sales of lots and new homes came to a halt. Sales have slowed significantly overall in new construction.

Clarkdale dropped in sales tax collections for retail sales from $6,176 in April of 07 to $4,052 this year. Total sales tax collections in all categories took a big drop from $144,530 in April 07 to $69,492 in 2008.

Year-to-date retail sales tax revenue in Clarkdale is $52,420 for April, and total collections are $765,860.

Cottonwood saw a jump in total sales tax collections but also saw a drop in retail sales tax. Total sales tax collections hit $989,397, an increase for April of 2008 from $873,781 for last April. Retail sales tax dropped for April but not a significant amount. April retail tax collections were $548,328 this year, compared with $555,095 for last year.

Cottonwood's year-to-date total sales tax collections are $8,308,420 in April and $5,156,571 in retail sales tax.

Camp Verde climbed in retail sales tax but dropped slightly in total sales tax. The retail figure for April of this year is $90,354, up from $85,001 in 2007. Total sales tax collections dropped a little from April 2007's $228,668 to $224,688 for 2008.

Year-to-date total sales tax collections in Camp Verde are $2,000,770, and total retail sales tax is $732,591.

Jerome saw an increase in both categories but held about even with April 2007. Retail sales tax revenue climbed a little bit from 07's $21,790 to $22,959 for 2008. Total sales tax revenue increased by $109 from $51,728 for April 2007 to $51,837 for this year.

Jerome's year-to-date retail sales tax collections are $172,522, and total sales tax revenue is $410,601.

Sedona also climbed in total sales tax revenues but dropped in retail sales tax. April 2008 total collections hit $1,406,892 compared with $1,383,320 for last year. Retail sales tax dropped from $340,585 for April 07 to $314,488 this year.

Year-to-date total sales tax revenue for Sedona is $11,599,700, and the retail sales tax total is $2,898,215.

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