Mon, July 15

Woman killed in Oak Creek Canyon crash

A vehicle drove off the road and into Oak Creek Canyon Friday night, killing its 55-year-old occupant. The woman was identified as Robin Joy Warner, who carried a Michigan driver's license.

The accident occurred about 6 p.m., one-half mile inside the city limits, south of Midgley Bridge.

Sedona Police Spokesman Ron Wheeler cites witnesses who reported that where the road curved to the left, the vehicle continued traveling straight. The minivan drove into the canyon off the east side of SR 89A.

The vehicle's initial impact the rock face about 75 feet below the road level and it reportedly came to rest at 100 feet.

Where the vehicle landed was not visible from the highway. Sedona Fire Spokesman Gary Johnson says it could have been days before the vehicle was spotted had a witness not seen the vehicle leave the highway.

Wheeler says it unclear why the accident occurred. The investigation remains open, an autopsy is pending to determine if the woman had a medical problems and the vehicle has been impounded by Sedona Police.

ATV accident kills Phoenix man

A 51-year-old man was killed when his ATV went off a forest road west of Clarkdale Sunday.

Four of the small four-wheelers were traveling together when the accident occurred on Buckboard Road, a road that climbs the ridge from Sycamore Canyon Road, eventually connecting with Bill Gray Road.

The ATV went into an area that was a rugged and impossible to reach by vehicle. Rescue personnel attempted CPR but were unsuccessful and the man was pronounced dead. The body was removed using a Stokes Basket and Big Wheel.

The dead man was identified as 51-year-old Gregory Kenneth Altherr of Phoenix.

Man arrested on assault charges

A Cottonwood officer was dispatched to Hobo Joe's on E. Mingus Avenue for a delayed assault report.

An employee told the officer that another employee, a 22-year-old woman, had been assaulted by her boyfriend, in the Hobo Joe's parking lot.

The boyfriend, Luis Angel Leal, reportedly arrived at the restaurant to get the keys to the woman's vehicle and became loud so the victim and Leal stepped into the back parking lot.

The first employee was concerned and went to check on the woman. At the back door she watched as Leal roughly grabbed the woman's chin with his hand and pushed her in the front shoulder area.

The first employee went outside to say that the Leal's girlfriend needed to come inside to take care of her tables. Then Leal left the area in the victim's vehicle.

She told the officer that she and her boyfriend were breaking up and he came by the restaurant to get her car to run some errands. He grabbed her and shook her head. He pushed her against the wall of the restaurant and held her there. She said her lower lip felt puffy right after Leal had grabbed woman. d her face. At some point during the incident she said that Leal threatened, "to kill" her.

The woman stated that she had broken up with Leal earlier because he became physical.

 An hour later, dispatch advised Hobo Joe's had called stating Leal had returned to the restaurant but he had just left as the officer arrived.

He went to the apartment the two shared on South 6th Street to see if (the victims) vehicle was at the

apartment complex.

When the two officers knocked at the door Luis Leal opened the door holding a baby.

Leal was handcuffed and during a search of the apartment, the officer smelled burning marijuana in the bathroom where a pink and purple tote was opened on the floor by the sink with a green leafy substance inside.

There was a clear plastic container with more green leaky substance believed to be marijuana.

Leal was charged with domestic violence assault and disorderly conduct. Possession and use of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Drive carefully on Fossil Creek Road

The Camp Verde Fire District rescue crews were called to two accidents on Fossil Creek Road Friday night and another on Bullpen Road. Both are very rough forest roads with steep embankments on one side.

A 57-year-old man from Cottonwood drove off Fossil Creek Road about 6 p.m., about five miles off State Route 260.

The vehicle rolled over down the steep embankment. The driver refused medical attention saying his wife would take him to the hospital.

About 11 p.m. the same night, a second vehicle collided with a large rock and suffered front-end damage.

The 19-year-old female driver also refused medical attention.

Rescue crews were called to Bullpen Road about 2:30 Sunday afternoon. A 40-year-old male broke his leg during a single-vehicle accident.

The rider was transported to Verde Valley Medical Center.