Mon, July 22

Editorial: Joe Moore an excellent choice as new fire chief

Joe Moore

Joe Moore

Following in the footsteps of Verde Valley emergency services legend Don Eberle has a doubled-edge sword quality to it.

On one hand, you never really can replace Don Eberle. He was the consummate professional in every way.

But, on the other hand, Eberle's professionalism was such that he groomed his successors long before he was ready to move on. In today's corporate world, that trait is called succession training. Old pros do a careful analysis of the young stars in their ranks. Then begins the process of strategically teaching them what you have learned before passing the baton.

Eberle did it with great success with Jerry Doerksen at the Verde Valley Fire District. In recent years, he repeated the process with the fledgling Clarkdale Fire District that culminated this past week in the hiring of Joe Moore was the new district chief.

A quick review of Chief Moore's resume shows he is an excellent choice for the job. He has served as interim chief of the district. He has lived in the Verde Valley since 1985. He served five years in the U.S. Marine Corp and worked as a heavy equipment operator and aerial lineman in the family business.

When his children became interested in motocross, Moore created the Verde Valley Motorplex on State Route 260. The track needed an emergency medical technician, so he went to school to become one. It was during training that Moore became interested in fire service.

Moore started as a reserve-firefighter with the Cornville Page Springs District and rose to become a captain/paramedic. He assisted in the merger of the Cornville district with Verde Rural and became a captain in the merged Verde Valley district.

After a break, he was hired as a captain in the Clarkdale district.

He credentials speak volumes about the level of professionalism Joe Moore will bring to the job.

But that goes without saying. After all, Joe Moore learned from the best.