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Former boyfriend's rage prompts arrest

Former boyfriend's rage prompts arrest

A case of vandalism was reported late Sunday in the 1900 block of Rancho Manana Circle, in Verde Village. The investigation led to getting details about a related assault earlier that day.

The homeowner reported finding several offensive, threatening words and graphic images spray-painted on several buildings and vehicles at the location. Yavapai Sheriff's deputies learned the threats were directed toward the homeowner's daughter. Letters contained his girl's initials and the homeowner suspected his daughter's ex-boyfriend as the culprit.

A Sheriff's Office deputy spoke with the daughter who identified her ex-boyfriend as Charles Lee Abril, 20, of Clarkdale.

She said that Abril confronted her while she was in a vehicle with two of her friends.

They were traveling on Main Street when Abril, driving a black truck, cut them off.

With their vehicle now blocked, Abril stopped his truck, got out, and grabbed a large rock with the apparent intent of assaulting the former girlfriend.

One of her male friends stepped out of the vehicle, causing Abril to stop his advance and drive away.

A sheriff's deputy contacted Abril at his home in Clarkdale. Although admitting contact with his ex-girlfriend and her friends, he denied any intention to assault her. Based on statements from the three victims and the extensive vandalism to the home on Rancho Manana Circle, Abril was arrested for one count of felony vandalism and three counts of misdemeanor assault.

Vehicle slams into Cottonwood apartment

Yavapai Sheriff's Office deputies were called to an injury accident in the 4100 block of E. Mission Lane in Cottonwood Sunday evening. Deputies found that a Jeep Cherokee had struck the four-unit apartment building on the north side of Mission Lane. The Jeep was embedded in the front wall of Apt. B. Deputies determined that the Jeep ran off the north edge of the roadway into a culvert, broke off a delineator post, and traveled across a driveway and yard eventually striking the apartment building wall. There were no injuries to occupants.

The driver, 60-year-old Clyde Myers of Cottonwood, was treated by EMS personnel from the Verde Valley Fire District but did not require hospitalization.

The investigation revealed no evidence of alcohol or drugs. Myers told deputies he had been working outside all day in the extreme heat and had little to eat or drink. On the way home, he stopped to visit friends at a residence on Mission Lane. When Myers left, he believes he may have temporarily lost consciousness causing his vehicle to swerve off the roadway into the apartment building.

The preliminary investigation concluded Myers likely lost consciousness due to lack of sleep and extreme dehydration. He was cited into the Verde Justice Court for failing to maintain control of his vehicle.

Car parts employee caught in fraud scheme

Over a six-month period, an employee of Car Quest Auto Parts, Daniel B. Lavash, reportedly defrauded the company of the $1,193.31. Tuesday, Lavash was arrested and booked into the Yavapai County Jail. The Loss Prevention manager for the car parts retailer, Richard Lee, explained that Daniel Lavash had created fictitious cash refunds and pocketed the money from these refunds. Lee said he has the computer printouts indicating times, dates and cash register/computer numbers. Lee also explained that when he confronted Lavash about the thefts he fully admitted to taking the cash refunds. Lavash was charged with embezzling and taken into custody without incident. He was transported to the Cottonwood Police Department and later transported and booked into the Yavapai County Jail.

Computers taken from truck

A man told Cottonwood Police that as he was leaving his apartment on N. 10th St. to go to work he saw through the driver's side of the pickup truck window that computer equipment that was in the extended cab was gone and the passenger side seat was in the forward position. One computer monitor remained in the cab.

The victim said his driver's side door was definitely locked but was unsure about the passenger side. He had moved the two boxes from the bed of his truck to the cab but did not remember locking the

doors like he usually does. He had gotten home from Flagstaff just before 8 p.m. and moved the boxes to the cab.

There were no signs of forced entry into the truck, and the back window was locked. The truck was parked in the north parking lot in his assigned parking space at the apartment complex.

Missing are four computer monitors, two computers and two boxes containing personal and office items. The losses are valued at $3,500.

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