Tue, Feb. 25

Clarkdale, Jerome election results
Two Jerome seats may go to general election

The results, as of 4:30 p.m. March 12, from the Clarkdale primary election Tuesday are clear. Mayor Doug Von Gausig, running unopposed, was re-elected with 679 votes out of 717 votes cast. There were 38 write-in votes.

Incumbent Patricia Williams was re-elected to her council seat with 653 votes. Candidate Richard Dehnert won a council seat with 599 votes. The Clarkdale primary ballot contained no referendums or propositions.

The election picture isn't so clear in Jerome. If the current totals hold up, Al Palmieri was the top vote getter with 131 votes out of 156 ballots cast. Jay Kinsella was second with 101 votes, and Lew Currier also seems to have won outright in the primary with 81 votes.

Two other candidates might be required to be on the general election ballot May 20.

To win outright during a primary, a candidate must receive 50 percent of the votes cast plus one.

Write-in candidate Annie Olivieri received 35 votes, short of the number necessary to win outright election to a council seat. Anne Bassett was on the ballot but as of Wednesday evening, with some ballots possibly outstanding, her 75 votes appeared to be short of the 79 needed to win outright.

Traditionally, the town council elects the mayor based on which candidate received the most votes. That would make Palmieri an easy winner with 131. Although Palmieri would not claim Wednesday that he would be mayor, he did tell The Verde Independent that he will accept the position if that is the pleasure of the new council.

Town Clerk Brandon Williams said Thursday that anyone wishing to be included on the general election ballot for any council seats remaining open after the primary must have their paperwork turned in by April 10.

The new candidates would have to fill out the same election package that the primary candidates filled out.

"They have to go through the same process they would have for the primary," Williams said.

Interested persons should contact Jerome Town Hall for information and packets.

Proposition 400 is too close to confirm as official with the possibility of a few ballots remaining to be counted. As of Wednesday evening, the proposition received 70 "yes" votes and 76 "no" votes.

That proposition was to amend Jerome Ordinance 177, which effectively would create a new zoning classification of 2-acre parcels. Such a zoning classification would be necessary before Jerome can annex about 400 acres adjacent to the town. Law requires that property annexed into the town be done so with the same zoning status it had while in the county.

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